Who Are You?

Are you a high I, ENFJ, or an activator? (I’m all three by the way!) I am fascinated by personality and strength finder tests.  Most recently, I have taken the DISC profile, Strengths Finder and Myers-Briggs test.  All three told me things I already knew about myself but what is interesting are the things about myself that surprised me, which is why I think it’s important to take these tests throughout your career.  Plus, it’s fun…like an “Is he the one?” quiz in Cosmo magazine. (sorry, flashback to my college years)

My colleague, Tim Keck, administered my DISC profile and if you would like this profile for yourself or your employees, I highly recommend calling Tim and utilizing his services.  He does a great job.  We spent a morning talking about me and my results…which if you know me, you know I LOVED doing that.  I learned a lot not only about me but about what makes me tick, how to manage me, etc.  I’m a high I (Influence), high S (Steadiness), medium D (Dominance) and low C (Conscientiousness).  It was pretty insightful and helped me think through a lot of issues that have been keeping me up at night.

I bought the Strengths Finder book at Amazon.com at the urging of my dad.  His company has been using Strengths Finder and after seeing his results,  I had to buy my own book.  Again, the results did not surprise me but I did learn a few new nuances about myself.  I can see how this would be helpful to have your team take the test and share with each other their strengths.  This could be very eye opening to know what your co-worker’s strengths are when working on a group project.  I’m: Strategic, Communication, Activator, Mazimizer and Ideation.  Very similar to my DISC results.

Finally, the Myers-Briggs test.  I took this several years ago and I wish I could remember what I was then but today I am ENFJ, or The Giver.  I like that about me.  ENFJ stands for extrovert, iNtuitive, feeling and judging.  This test has been around for years and many folks in the business world can probably tell you what they are.  It is still a good test and will bring insight not only about your own personality but about those who work for you and with you.

Which personality assessment test do you like best?

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