The Handwritten Note

paperI am a stationery nerd.  I love paper. It’s an addiction and I can’t stop.  Not only do I buy note cards or thank you cards at least once a month, I also buy them as gifts for friends so I can keep spreading the handwritten love.   I try to write someone every week…either a congrats on a new job, a thank you for something they did for me or just a hello.  I do this because I truly believe in the power of a handwritten message and also to use all the stationery I buy!

There’s a thrill to receiving a beautiful card in the mail.  Don’t you think so?  I also have my favorite pens to write my notes with and an embosser that embosses my address on the envelope.  It’s an affliction, I know.  I don’t care…it’s a beautiful art lost on many people.

When I am involved in a hiring process, I’m always amazed at the folks who do not take the time to write a handwritten note after the interview.  Today, it is mostly emailed thank yous.  While I admit this still gets the message across…I would never leave an interview without sending a handwritten note.  I believe it still makes an impact.  It takes a little more effort to write the card, address it and find a stamp.  Maybe I am just old fashioned.

I am always on the lookout for good stationery.  Crane is probably one of the finest stationery companies on the market and a favorite of mine but I can always find something great at Target as well.  My favorite local store is Shindig Paperie. I could spend hours (and dollars) in there most days.  If you are ever on the Fayetteville square, be sure and stop in.  Anywhere I travel, I always have my eyes peeled for a great paper store.

Since I love paper, it doesn’t stop with note cards, I love to-do lists, calendars, notepads and even business cards.  The Container Store is a great place to find funky to-do lists or mouse pads and I could spend hours designing business cards for friends at!

If loving paper is wrong, I don’t want to be write! (see what I did there?)

Do you share my affliction with paper? Do share.

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  3. There IS something spectacular about the hand written note… And paper… And pens… And just knowing someone took the time and energy to personalize something for me is humbling! From one need to another… I get it!!

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