The Un-Meeting



Are you tired of sitting in long, boring meetings? So am I! What can we do about this? Day after day, meeting after meeting I sit and wonder… what would make this meeting better, more productive?  So here are a few of my ideas!

The Standing Meeting: Ok, hang with me here a second…if we stood up during our meetings I almost guarantee the folks speaking at the meeting would talk faster and more efficiently because they want to go sit down.  I believe standing meetings would make the meeting more social and more interactive.  If you can see each others body language better, you would get a better idea of what people really think in meetings.  (People can hide non-verbal clues under a boardroom table.)  Now, the stand up meeting isn’t for every meeting, only those 20 minutes or less meetings.  This type of meeting is great for Monday morning staff meetings or project update meetings. I particularly like this type of meeting because it reminds me of a huddle…so many great things are accomplished in a good huddle. Go Team!

3 Tips for Effective Stand Up Meetings

The Walking Meeting: Truly my new favorite type of meeting. It is just how it sounds…you walk and meet.  I’ve started meeting individually with my staff for 15 minutes a week and we walk around downtown.  Not only are we getting out of the office and in to the sunshine but we are also getting exercise.  What is equally great, I’ve discovered my staff talks more in depth on these walking meetings.  They seem to like the uninterrupted time with me and I like the change of scenery.  Next time someone pops in your office and wants to meet, ask them to walk with you…I think you will really like it.

Join POTUS and Zuckerberg, they like walking meetings! 

Meet Anywhere but the Office Meeting: Much like the walking meeting just get out of the boardroom! If your staff meets in the same room week after week, change it up and go somewhere new.  People dread meetings and if you throw them a curve ball by having the weekly meeting across the street or in the lobby, this will make your staff take notice and pay attention.  Meetings do not have to be around a table to be effective.  They could be around several tables or couches and coffee tables.  No matter the configuration, get your staff out of their meeting rut. Hit the local coffee shop and buy a round!

You Have to Start Meeting Like This

If you have more ideas for better meetings, please share.  I am always on the lookout for good meeting ideas.


One thought on “The Un-Meeting

  1. I LOVE this post. I’ve been reading all your posts with delight (the billboard and thank you note posts were excellent), but finally got around to saying that you are writing great things here – keep it up! I’ll be sharing many of your posts and tips with my clients. Today’s workplace is going to have to keep evolving, and I believe it’s the companies who are getting out of the rut of “but it’s always been this way” that will truly thrive in the future. Good stuff!

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