Facebook is #1 On Birthdays

IMG_4551_2As you can probably gather, I love social media.  Twitter is my favorite, followed by Instagram then Facebook.  I like the content better on Twitter and Instagram but I still love Facebook for staying in touch with family and friends.

On my birthday, Facebook absolutely rules.  I always enjoy checking FB on my birthday and reading all the great messages from friends.  It really makes my day.  I also enjoy wishing friends HBD on their special day and FB makes it so easy.  I wish I could say that I remember everyone’s birthday, but I can’t, so thank you Facebook for doing that for all of us.

Here’s a breakdown of how my birthday messages were delivered:

Mailed Cards: 8

Phone Calls: 2

Texts: 10

LinkedIn: 8

Twitter: 3

Facebook: 119

This is a great example of how things have changed so much in our lives…years ago you would only get a phone call or a card in the mail…now there are several ways to reach out to people to communicate with them.  I LOVED all my birthday wishes and messages no matter how I received them but I thought it was interesting to break them down based on medium.  Which proves that Facebook is King when it comes to wishing someone a Happy Birthday!

What is your favorite way to say HBD?

One thought on “Facebook is #1 On Birthdays

  1. I really love the breakdown of the various ways you received birthday sentiments – so interesting! This is one I’ll have bookmark in my arsenal for sharing. 🙂

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