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onyxNow that I am self-employed and soon to be working from home, I can spend more time in one of my favorite venues…coffee shops.  I love working from a coffee shop. Doesn’t matter, it can be a chain shop or locally owned, I love them all.  There’s this wonderful vibe in the air of entrepreneurism and free lancing spirit that I believe is contagious.

When I had a regular 8-5 job I would have meetings in coffee shops and look longingly at the folks who seemed to always work in coffee shops and be jealous of their ‘office.’ Now, coffee shops will be my office. What better place to call home than a clean, airy coffee shop that serves yummy hot beverages and pastries? I’m in!

I always have the best conversations in coffee shops as well.  It’s a more relaxed setting so the convos are uplifting, inspirational and laid-back.  Plus coffee shops are great places to network for new clients or services.  Just sitting quietly and listening to the deals and pitches makes me very happy.  Thank goodness for coffee shops…they allow everyone to feel at home.

Ironically, while I love coffee shops, I don’t drink coffee.  I love a hot cocoa with soy milk or decaf tea but I don’t drink caffeinated drinks so that rules out most coffee.  In fact, I haven’t had caffeine in 17 years so I missed the whole Starbucks explosion.  I have no idea what to order there or what any of the cool terms mean…grande, macchiatto, whip, latte,…all greek to me.  I usually just get a bottled water at SB.

Here are the shops I love in Northwest Arkansas and where you will likely find me in the coming months:

1. Starbucks, they are all great but the one on MLK in Fayetteville is my favorite.

2. Red Kite Coffee, at Crossover in Fayetteville, nice open space.

3. Onyx Coffee Lab, my fav is in Springdale but the Fayetteville one is good too.

4. Pressroom, in downtown Bentonville…great atmosphere.

5. Arsaga’s, on Dickson St in Fayetteville, perfect for hopping off the trail and resting.

6. Einstein Bagels, in Fayetteville is my favorite…yummy food too.

Do you like working from coffee shops? Which one is your favorite?



3 thoughts on “Working from Coffee Shops

  1. I’m so jealous! So much energy in that environment and I always run into people. So you’re right, great place for networking. I raise a mug of Hot Chocolate to you my friend!

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