Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432Happy Friday the 13th! I read a ton of great articles this week but picked the four most interesting just for you!

1. The 29 Most Common Social Media Rules –Kevan Lee {Really good list of rules}

2. 10 Reasons Why Your Personal Brand Sucks–Steve Tobak {Don’t take yourself too seriously}

3. Harried Parents embracing Uber to Move Kids Around Town–Brigid Schulte/Lori Aratani {interesting}

4. ‘Dream Boards” How one PR Exec Lands Big-Name Brands–Hilary Burns {I love a dream board and love that her team meets around their dream boards}

2 thoughts on “Friday Fab Four

  1. Love your finds on the “dream boards” and the advice in “your personal brand sucks.” We’ve used dreams and aspirations in our personal lives to power a lot of great stuff–how great to put it to work in the workplace. Thanks for finding Allyson!

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