Friday Fab Four

IMG_6128Another Friday is here! I felt like this particular Friday would never get here.  I hope you had a productive week and are ready for a relaxing weekend.  Don’t forget, Mom’s Day is Sunday.  Here are the four best articles I read this week!

1. You have 8 Billions Dollars. You Want to do As Much Good as Possible. What do you do?–Dylan Matthews {a fascinating read about philanthropy}

2. How to Make Money Doing What You Love–Elizabeth Segran {a thousand times yes}

3. Did this Woman Predict Mad Men’s Ending Two Years Ago?–Ben Collins {I am not ready for it to end no matter how it ends}

4.How to Be the Most Effective Version of Yourself–Allison Stadd {check out Kate’s the spark notebook….I can’t wait to get mine!}

**Bonus in honor of Mom: The Most Important Leadership Lessons You Can Only Learn from Mom–Lolly Daskal

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