Friday Fab Four 10.23.15

So this week we are officially “in the past” thanks to Back to the Future…I remember watching FallFridayFabFourthat movie as a kid and thinking that October 21, 2015 was a lifetime away.  Yet, here we are. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these four articles I handpicked just for you.

  1. Pepsico Exec Has Tough Words for Ad Agencies~E.J. Schultz {the truth hurts}
  2. 7 Behaviors That Reveal Our Obsession with Technology~Carly Stec {I am so guilty of all of these}
  3. Why Too Much Choice is Stressing Us Out~Stuart Jeffries {i get stressed trying to pick a restaurant}
  4. I Pay for Cable TV, and I Don’t Care Who Knows It~Bryan Lufkin {talk about too many choices…geesh}

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