Friday Favorites 9.16.16

Friday favs blog graphicI’m not sure I have looked forward to a Friday as much as I’ve looked forward to this Friday! It has been a whirlwind in my world and finally I can catch my breath.

From moving my son into college, client work, a large client event and organizing a blogger/social media conference with my friend, Stephanie…I’m worn out.

So, I look forward to being an absolute slug this weekend…good food, good friends, football, sleep and very little responsibility…who’s with me?

And now to the good stuff…

Learning How to Say No…it’s a good skill to have.

Stop the Guilt Trip…go on a fun trip!

Self-promotion…you can do this.

☞ I could have never started TTG without a side hustle.

☞ I’m pretty sure I got a degree in college sports…but it wasn’t real.

And finally…this made me laugh and then made me sad because it’s so truthful.



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