keepcalm2I’m so glad you’ve found my little spot on the web!

This blog is a personal indulgence.  I’m always intrigued by marketing and the dynamics that make up world class teams, and this is the place I’ll explore some of the tidbits I’ve gathered throughout my career.

Here’s a little background about this site:

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I’m a voracious reader of many blogs by thought leaders and culture gurus – you’ll find those listed on the right side of this blog.

A little background on this site: I’m a future NYC resident and a bit of a fan of crowns and the color pink, so it all has a (subtle) home here.  The trees and branches are a nod to my maiden name, Twiggs.

I believe that Twitter is the best thing since sliced bread, so I’d love to connect there and hear what makes you tick.

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About Allyson

allyHi, I’m Allyson.

Thank you so much for visiting.  I am a career marketing professional, and I’m riveted by the nuances of office culture.  I’ve been privileged  to see firsthand the impact of organizations that are top-notch as well as those that are lacking.  While marketing and public relations are often considered secondary for a business to thrive, I believe that the best organizations pay close attention to the messages they send both internally and externally.

To learn more about me, visit my LinkedIn profile.  Outside my day job of running a marketing consulting firm, The Twiggs Group, you’ll typically find me in a basketball gym around the world cheering on my son – I also blog about my passion for him and sports at SportsMomma.

Our family has deep ties to basketball and I believe the team dynamic and the lessons of the basketball court are directly applicable to the workplace.  I believe very strongly in creating the kind of environment that team members clamor to be part of, and this blog allows me to explore the best of marketing, public relations, office culture and intentional leadership.  I’d love to hear from you by email and welcome your feedback.