Friday Fab Four

image001Happy Friday! Can you believe there’s only one more Friday in October? #timeflies

Here are four articles for you to read this week.

1. 7 Simple Social Media Moves that Work-Allison Fass (Really good advice, #4 is my favorite)

2. Don’t Leave a Hole Where Your Finest Work Should Go–Alexandra Franzen (sigh…love this blog post)

3. You Can Have an Easy Life or an Awesome One. Choose Wisely–James Victore (I chose awesome)

4. Passion at Work is More Important than Engagement–Jacob Shriar (Wholeheartedly agree! Find your passion)

The Friday Fab Four


It’s Friday again! Enjoy these four articles handpicked just for you.

1. Let’s Kill the Job Title–Sean Blanda (Yes, let’s! What are you passionate about? Love this.)

2. Seven Communication Sins that Kill Simplicity and Business–Kathy Klotz-Guest (I’m guilty of a couple)

3. 9 Easy-to-Steal Habits of the Super Successful–Miles Kohrman (Gotta love an Office Space reference!)

4. 7 Things You Can do on Friday to Make Monday Awesome-Kevin Daum (Something to work on today!)