Friday Favorites

I know getting older isn’t everyone’s favorite past-time…but I do love a birthday! At this point inAT BLOG GRAPHIC my life, I am grateful for another healthy year to spend time with my family and friends…and besides, 44 is the new 30 right?  Thank you to everyone who made my birthday special on Wednesday!

And now, on to the favs:

☞ I have a few of these weird personality traits…thankfully!

☞ I love to work from home but once in awhile, I need to work around people.

☞ 5 Things No One Tells You About Being a Girl Boss…#2 especially.

15 Ways to package chocolate…yum, yum.

☞ More ways to be effective working from home.

Facebook really does make birthdays more fun!

I haven’t been home on my birthday in about 4 years, thanks to a basketball tournament in Las Vegas…so tonight, I look forward to (being home) celebrating with friends!

Have a great weekend.


Facebook is #1 On Birthdays

IMG_4551_2As you can probably gather, I love social media.  Twitter is my favorite, followed by Instagram then Facebook.  I like the content better on Twitter and Instagram but I still love Facebook for staying in touch with family and friends.

On my birthday, Facebook absolutely rules.  I always enjoy checking FB on my birthday and reading all the great messages from friends.  It really makes my day.  I also enjoy wishing friends HBD on their special day and FB makes it so easy.  I wish I could say that I remember everyone’s birthday, but I can’t, so thank you Facebook for doing that for all of us.

Here’s a breakdown of how my birthday messages were delivered:

Mailed Cards: 8

Phone Calls: 2

Texts: 10

LinkedIn: 8

Twitter: 3

Facebook: 119

This is a great example of how things have changed so much in our lives…years ago you would only get a phone call or a card in the mail…now there are several ways to reach out to people to communicate with them.  I LOVED all my birthday wishes and messages no matter how I received them but I thought it was interesting to break them down based on medium.  Which proves that Facebook is King when it comes to wishing someone a Happy Birthday!

What is your favorite way to say HBD?

What I’ve Learned in Vegas

photo_3Happy Sunday morning from Las Vegas! I have been here way too long…started Monday attending a work conference, then stayed over for my son’s basketball tournament.  I will fly home tomorrow morning thank goodness…I am so ready.

This is the second year in a row that I am in Las Vegas on my birthday.  You would think being in Vegas on a birthday would be fun and I know lots of people specifically come to Vegas for their birthday…but its not for me.  I don’t like to throw away gamble my money, I don’t drink that much and the crowds are definitely not for me.  I would much rather spend my birthday at home with my family.  Nice and quiet.

I’ve learned a few things while here in Sin City…things I have most likely always known but somehow this crazy town highlights them in technicolor.

1. Cigarette smoke is gross! I stayed at the Aria at the beginning of the week and their ventilation system is amazing! I am now at the Palms and they do not know the meaning of ventilation.  I am pretty certain I could get lung cancer here playing the slots.

2. Las Vegas is Expensive! I’ve always known this but sometimes it just slaps you in the face. $29 spaghetti and meatballs, $14 bottled beer and $5 bottles of water.

3. People are strange. If you want top notch people watching, then look no further than Las Vegas.  I have seen it all…especially on Fremont street.  Plus sized Elvis, an 80 year old Cupid in very small underwear, dancing girls, dancing boys, and all sorts of roman soldiers and mythological creatures.  And that’s just the folks in costume…people out here can be quite entertaining as well.  For some reason, Vegas encourages people to wear the least amount of clothing possible at all times!

4. Reflexology means torture. My mom is here with me and I told her we should get foot massages, so I pulled up to a place that advertised “Reflexology 1 Hour $25.” Sounded great to me.  One hour later, I am pretty certain I had been physically assaulted.  The therapist was so darn strong and while she walked (yes walked) on my back, all I could think was “I want off this ride!” Later that night, my mom and I compared the bruises on our arms and legs.  Holy cow!

5. It’s so loud in Vegas.  Everywhere you go there is music playing.  Everywhere…it is so bizarre.  The pool at the Palms blasts loud music all day and we can hear it very well from our 32nd floor room.  The bathrooms in the casino blast music and even the restaurants have loud music.  What is the deal? I can barely hear myself think in this place.  We went to the Forum Shops yesterday and even there the music was so loud while you shopped.  It’s driving me insane!

6. It is so dang HOT! I am a southern girl and I know summer heat…this is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  It has been 100+ all week.  That will make you certifiably crazy.

I could go on and on but mostly, you can probably tell I am just really homesick.  My quiet, safe, normal home in Northwest Arkansas.  Vegas is great for visiting but I certainly could not live here.  It is a tourism wonder to behold, millions of people visit every year and the hospitality industry is alive and well here.  I will be back next July because we will play basketball again here…I hope I am recovered by then!

Tell me, have you been to Vegas lately?