Friday Favorites~01.22.16 Blog graphicWow, this Friday snuck up on me a bit…you too? It’s been a great week but we’ve had two threats of snow…and no snow.  I’m ready for a little bit of snow and maybe one school day.

I saw the Broadway play, Kinky Boots, in Fayetteville Wednesday night and it was SO good…I recommend you scurrying to buy tickets before it leaves town.

There were a lot of interesting articles and tidbits this week…hope you enjoy my favorites. Have a great weekend and take time to focus on YOU.


Great promotion for Waffle House

Tips for Becoming a ‘Morning Person’ 

Those times when you need a Gif

Books, Podcasts, TedTalks…Oh My!

The question you’ll ask yourself after seeing The Revenant (**spoiler alert**)