Friday Favorites 2.12.16

Lucky you, it’s time for another installment of ‘Friday Favorites’ ha! I had a great week and I hopeTTG SMM (1) you did as well.  The weather was nice, I felt productive and creative…AND I got my valentines in the mailbox on time…#winning!

This is the beloved Valentine’s Day weekend where I will avoid all restaurants on Saturday and Sunday.  The hubs and I will do something fun but not at a busy restaurant. What are your plans?

Ok, so here’s what caught my attention this week.

Last minute gift ideas for your nerdy sweetie

Never thought about how wasteful a straw can be!

Is Technology Ruining Our Lives…maybe?

I’m making a serious effort to practice daily meditation and I love Headspace for meditation. Their interface is clean and inviting and Andy’s voice is honey in my ears.

Also, I’ve been obsessed with this Instagram account, Frank Body, so I broke down and ordered product this week! Who says social media doesn’t move product?

This was my favorite Super Bowl commercial…

Hope you find something here that makes you smile..have a great weekend sweethearts!

Friday Fab Four 10.23.15

So this week we are officially “in the past” thanks to Back to the Future…I remember watching FallFridayFabFourthat movie as a kid and thinking that October 21, 2015 was a lifetime away.  Yet, here we are. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these four articles I handpicked just for you.

  1. Pepsico Exec Has Tough Words for Ad Agencies~E.J. Schultz {the truth hurts}
  2. 7 Behaviors That Reveal Our Obsession with Technology~Carly Stec {I am so guilty of all of these}
  3. Why Too Much Choice is Stressing Us Out~Stuart Jeffries {i get stressed trying to pick a restaurant}
  4. I Pay for Cable TV, and I Don’t Care Who Knows It~Bryan Lufkin {talk about too many choices…geesh}

Friday Fab Four 10.16.15

FallFridayFabFourDo you hear that noise? It’s the sound of leaves falling from the trees…won’t be long until there are no leaves.  I hope you’ve had a productive week and are ready to read the four best articles I’ve chosen just for you. Enjoy the weekend and take time to listen to the leaves fall.

  1. The Technology of Talk: How Can We Reclaim Conversation~Lauren Cassani Davis {painful to read}
  2. A Photographer Edits out our Smartphones to Show our Strange and Lonely World~Steve Mollman {this is eerily interesting}
  3. The Lost Art of Getting Lost~Stephen Smith {google maps saved me so many times}
  4. Why Japanese Kids Can Walk to School Alone~Selena Hoy {if you try this in the US someone will call the cops on you!}

Clear Your Head

clearyourheadEver have one of those moments hours where there are so many thoughts running through your head? Yea, me too. This can be a debilitating experience…not sure what thought to tackle next…when is the project due…need to answer emails…return phone calls…finish to-do list. If I’m not careful…this process can quickly turn to stress and then a headache…not fun!

Last year I read Arianna Huffington’s book, Thrive, and it was eye opening.  The book is full of great information about work/life balance, getting enough sleep and why there is more to life than work.  In the book she also talks a lot about meditation.  The idea of meditation wasn’t new to me but I’d never really tried meditating.

I had plenty of excuses when I thought about meditating…I can’t sit still, I can’t quiet my mind, I can’t sit comfortably…I don’t know how to start.  So, I just didn’t do it.

Determined to try, earlier this year, I tried the app, Insight Timer, to help me meditate.  It’s a good app and has a lot of different meditators to practice with and learn from.  I would put in my earbuds and do my best to listen to the instructor and meditate. There’s one I particularly love which is called “Meditation on Gratitude” by Adam Dacey.  Adam does a great job leading this meditation and I really liked that I could focus on gratitude while meditating.

A month ago, I got a free trial of Headspace in my FabFitFun Box.  I LOVE this site so much and the meditations are amazing.  Plus, there’s a schedule to follow which really keeps me on track with meditating.  The schedule starts with 10 days of 10 minutes of mediating (we all have 10 minutes, right?).  Plus there are really fun short videos to help you learn how to meditate, including ways to clear your head and not feel guilty about thoughts entering your mind during mediation.  Andy leads the meditations every day and he’s so good…you need a great voice if you are going to lead meditations and his voice is amazing! I feel like Andy and I are friends and he really wants me to get really good at meditating…so I’m trying.

I’m on my 10th session and I feel like I am starting to really understand and get better at meditating…which is helping me clear my head daily.  Most importantly, it’s 10 minutes a day where I take time for myself to breathe deeply and take a digital break.  I read this article today about what technology is doing to our bodies…what are we doing people??

I hope if you have thought about meditating you will give Insight Timer or Headspace a try…guided meditations are really helpful.  Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t still your mind on the first few tries…it takes practice…but don’t give up.  Some days I knock it out of the park and really meditate and some days I can’t stop thinking about work or random ideas.  It’s ok…Andy says it’s ok to let the mind wander…just gently bring it back to the breath.

Have you tried meditation? Would love to hear about your experiences!

My Obsession with Paper Planners

The Passion Planner

The Passion Planner

I love technology.  I’m an Apple disciple…pretty sure I have owned every iPhone, the first one is still my favorite.  Technology makes my life easier, helps me run a business and for the most part, it helps me stay sane.  However…I am a self professed paper nerd.

Can I tell you how happy paper makes me…stationery, note cards, business cards, journals…and planners.  You may recall that I love a handwritten note and feel that it is definitely a lost art…one that I know is making a comeback!

I use Sunrise and fantastical for my digital calendars but I still love writing down appointments in a paper planner.  I take the planner with me and I use a planner for…wait for it…planning!

In the past, I’ve used boring planners from an office store, because I thought those were the best planners for my job.  Last year, I discovered the Day Designer planner.  I really like this planner and used it for a year.  There were many details about this planner that I enjoyed using, like an area for daily gratitude, a to-do list next to my day and in the front of the planner is an area to write down dreams and plans for the year.  This is a great planner and it’s stylish.  However…for me, it is very bulky.

Last month I went on the ‘find a new planner’ quest.  I know…it’s May, not January but the Day Designer has different times of the year that they start and I got the Aug-Jul planner…so I had to decide to get another one or try something new.


The Passion Planner

Enter the Passion Planner! This planner had everything I liked about my previous planner but it comes in two sizes and it’s more sophisticated looking…black leather vs gold polka dots. It also has a section in the front for detailing your passions and making plans to achieve your goals.  It has a week view instead of a day view, which was important to me, and it has a great space for doodling or making notes.  I LOVE this planner.  Plus…I could buy an undated planner which helped me in my mid-year need for a new planner.  There’s still a space for daily gratitude and a great to-do list. I can’t believe that after all these years, I have finally found the perfect planner for me.  {I even bought one for the Hubs}

If you are unhappy with your current planner or want to upgrade…I highly recommend checking out the Passion Planner.  They ship quickly too.

Do you have a favorite planner? Let me know in the comments!