Homesick for #NYC

IMG_2458My son laughed at me tonight because I proclaimed “I’m homesick for New York.”  He said, “How can you be homesick when New York is not your home?” A good question but I am homesick because I feel like NYC is my home or at least it should be and hopefully will be someday.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been listening to Andy Cohen’s book, The Andy Cohen Diaries, in which he waxes poetically about my favorite city and all the amazing places you can go if you are rich, famous and live there…in the Village.  {sigh}

Also, one of my besties gave me the best journal for Christmas. It has the skyline on the front and wonderful quotes about New York sprinkled within…the perfect gift for moi.  Quotes like:

“Better a square foot of New York than all the rest of the world” Texas Guinan

“One belongs to New York instantly,

One belongs to it as much in 5 minutes as in 5 years” Thomas Wolfe

Yes, yes, I agree with both quotes wholeheartedly.  I’ve been to my wonderful city several times and I long to return…maybe this Spring.  I love to walk around the neighborhoods and explore…no destination, no direction…just aimless discovery.  I keep a metrocard on my desk to remind me that I could soon refill the card and discover away!

Two years ago the Hubs and I took our son to New York for Spring Break and we had the best time. The boy enjoyed the trip but said he didn’t think he could live there…darn, I really need him to either play for the Knicks or coach a team somewhere in or near NYC…that’s not asking for much, right?

Until I can hop a plane and be reunited with my soulmate, I will just have to listen to Andy, watch SATC reruns and play the Wicked soundtrack.


NYC & Boy, 2013