Friday Fab Four

Friday Fab FourIt’s summertime and Friday…a perfect combination! Here are the most interesting articles I read this week and hope you will enjoy. Have a great weekend!

1. 5 Lifehacks That’ll Make You Enjoy Work~Gemma Falconer <if these don’t help…might need a new job>

2. The End of the Office Voice Mail~Jena McGregor <can we end all voice mail please?>

3. Seven Ways to Make Yourself More Memorable~William Arruda <be positive>

4. 10 Small Ways to Make this the Least Stressful Summer of Your Life~Henrik Edberg <a great blog to sign up for>

Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432Happy Friday! Are you enjoying the heat wave here in Arkansas? It’s wonderful and I hope wherever you are the weather is nice.  Here are the articles that made the cut this week.

1. A Teenager’s View on Social Media–Andrew Watts {Interesting but not surprising to me because I have a teenager and I already knew that he thinks Facebook is not cool!}

2. Coca-Cola Killed their Voicemail and You Should too–Hamza Kahn {Thank you! I despise voice mail, despise leaving one or receiving one!}

3. Why Social Media Will Never Get the Credit it Deserves–Jay Baer {This happens to me all the time!}

4. The Town Without Wi-Fi–Michael J. Gaynor {I could never live in Green Bank, WV!}


Best Blog Posts of 2014

Best PostsThe end of the year always brings out the ‘best of’ lists and I thought I would play along as well by listing my top 10 posts of 2014.  This was the first year for my new blog and I have been really pleased with the interaction and engagement.  I have a lot of great posts planned for 2015 and I hope you will join me in the journey.  So, without further ado, here were the top posts for

1. My Big News (no surprise here, this was my best post of the year in more ways than one!)

2. How to Leave the Perfect Voicemail 

3. 48 Hour in San Francisco

4. My Christmas Wish List

5. What Makes My Life Easier

6. What About Gen X

7. My Life Runs on Evernote

8. Friday Fab Four 11.14.14

9. What to Give Employees for Christmas

10. Working from Coffee Shops

How to Leave the Perfect Voice Mail Message

answeringMachineDON’T.  I absolutely despise voice mails.

I’m not really sure when my hatred for this time wasting event started…I remember a time when voice mails were my life, circa 1991.  I would race back to my dorm room to see if my answering machine had a blinking light…if it did, it usually meant a boy had called me.  {sigh}

Today however…if I see on my iPhone that I have a voice mail…I am not a happy camper.  Almost all of my friends know better than to leave me a vm because a. I have either told them not to or b. I don’t listen to their voice mail ever, i.e. sending them the message that I don’t do voice mails.   I can see that you called my phone so to me that implies, “call me back.”  I don’t need someone to leave me a message just to say “call me back.”  I get it!

If you really want to get me fired up…leave me a voice message and say “Call me back, I have a question for you.” ——What?? What is the question?? If you are going to go ahead and waste time by leaving the message, go ahead and tell me why you are calling…specifically. Do people think this air of mystery will make me want to call them back quicker? I usually just text back and say “what is your question?”

One of my all time favorite movies is Swingers (I have a huge crush on Vince Vaughn), in this movie, Jon Favreau, leaves several voice messages on a girl’s answering machine…just painful to watch.  I found this great article that talks about voice mail and this particular movie scene. 

So all kidding aside, sort of…if you must leave a voice mail, here are a few tips:

1. State your name clearly and repeat your phone number at least twice.

2. State the reason for your call and the reason you need that person to call you back.

3. Keep it simple and to the point.

4. Try really hard not to leave a voice mail!