Introducing The Pink Tree Blog…and what happened to me?

Friends…long time no blog posts! You know how life goes…you get super busy and you have to let a few things go.  I let my personal blog go because my business grew (a lot) and I had to focus my time there. I am grateful beyond measure for my business and clients…it’s what I am absolutely passionate about, helping people with their businesses.

Also, last year I was struggling (big time) with my empty nest.  Man…I was not ready for Spencer to head to college, at.all. But he had a great freshman year, I survived it! This fall is much better…I don’t love my empty nest, but I can handle it better this year.  Basketball season starts in 12 days…I can hardly wait.

So…the real reason why I posted here today.  I launched a new blog for my business at The Pink Tree.  (Right? Because I have so much time to write content here, lol) However, I encourage my clients to have blogs so that they own and control their content.  It was high time I practiced what I preach.  So, if you like the content we are sharing at the Pink Tree, I hope you will subscribe there and receive updates when we post new content.

I’m not sure what will become of this space…I do miss putting together my “Friday Favorites” but for now, I’m going to focus my “writing” efforts over at the Pink Tree.  I’d love to have guest writers…so if you’d like to write for the Pink Tree, please reach out.

Have a great day and enjoy this incredible fall weather.


Friday Favorites Blog graphicWhat a week! We drove to Batesville twice this week to see the boy play basketball…and while I loved every minute of watching him play in his first college basketball games…I am a zombie today.

So here’s the goods…enjoy!

☞ I want to try a meditation studio…luckily there’s one in my city.

☞ 10 foods we should eat more of...and I love them all.

☞ Great tips for when you have to give a presentation.

☞ I found some truth in this…women lie to each other about work.

How to use your calendar to be more effective…I can’t live without my Passion Planner.

☞ Updating your resume? These templates are really cool.

Finally, I’m not a Cubs fan but I think we all needed the reminder that dreams do come true. Congratulations to all the true Cubs deserve to celebrate.

Friday Favorites

halloween-ttgCan you believe this is the last Friday in October? I don’t know why I’m still so surprised that time is flying by at warp speed…by I always am.  I want things on the calendar to hurry up…like next Tuesday is my son’s first basketball game (YEA!) but I also want them to slow down. Can I have it both ways?

So this is Halloween weekend…we don’t have any plans.  Our neighborhood is way out of town so we don’t get a lot of trick or treaters which makes me sad.  It’s another holiday that reminds me how much my empty nest sucks.  Got big plans for Halloween?

Here’s what caught my eye this week:

Are you finding satisfaction in your job? If not…make a change.

40 things you don’t have to do anymore…I feel so liberated.

Things to buy at Target…as if I needed more things to buy at Target.

☛ I hope I do some of these things…How to be truly generous.

☛ I’m not great at it…but I like ‘trying’ to bullet journal…here’s how.

Happy Halloween! May you get all the candy.


Friday Favorites

Fall weather is back thank goodness…it felt like summer showed up to a party it wasn’t Blog graphicinvited to earlier this week.  I do not want to turn on my a/c in October! I also don’t want Fall to quickly slip into winter…we need fall to hang around for awhile.

I hope you had a fun and productive week…I certainly did. Last week was my son’s fall break and I enjoyed every single minute of him being home…including the 9 loads of laundry.  Tonight I will get to see him play basketball in a scrimmage…I’m so excited.

Here’s what I found this week:

9 ways to schedule a meeting…if you must meet.

☞ Need an attitude adjustment…3 daily affirmations to help.

Why you should interview yourself.

Unplugged tourism…I’d love to try this.

Fall television does not dissapoint…here are a few of my favs:

Notorious it’s full of drama and good looking people.

Divorce  While I’ll pretty much watch anything with SJP…so far this is gritty and good.

American Housewife Pretty funny, a little too self-deprecating at times…but love the lead actress.

Insecure Hilarious, real and I love Issa Rae so much.

Atlanta Definitely on my list to binge watch this weekend.

I also watch: Black List, Modern Family, Blackish, Madame Secretary and Big Bang.

What are your new fall tv obsessions?


Friday Favorites Blog graphicIf only every weekend could be parents weekend…but alas, I am told that it cannot. So this weekend…back to my empty nest.  I do plan to fire up the fire pit and watch college football. What are your plans for this fall weekend?

Let’s get right to the good stuff…shall we?

☞ I only double dip with my husband.

Career advice from Buffett and Jobs…I’ll take it!

☞ Finally, someone gets to the point in how to email.

☞ I love this advice…“Starting the day with passion creates momentum”

☞ This is a music festival I could get excited about.

☞ It should be obvious…but just in case, Just Say No.

Finally, if you know me, you know how much I LOVE my Passion Planner…and they made a pink one for 2017 which I’m certain was just for me.  Check it out if you are looking for a great paper planner for the new year.



Friday Favorites

Happy last Friday of September…where did this month go? Christmas will be here before we know it…I can’t even believe it. Blog graphicI’m off to Parents Weekend at Lyon College to see the boy…I am so excited to see him. Basketball season starts November 1st and while I’m the last person who likes to rush time…I’m patiently waiting for that first game.

This was a great week…good meetings, fun client work and the class I’m teaching at the University of Arkansas…truly brings me joy.  Who knew I would like teaching so much?

However…I wasn’t too busy to find a few favorites to share with you this week.

☞ I do love a creative Instagram account…these are really creative. 

☞ If I looked like Gwyneth…I wouldn’t wear makeup either. 

☞ If Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect…then what have we been doing all this time?

☞ A million dollars in a year…just for talking. Sign me up!

☞ Sometimes it’s difficult…but learn to say thank you more often.

Friends…have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites

Can you believe that yesterday was the first day of Autumn yet it still feels like summer here Blog graphicin Arkansas? Where’s the crisp fall air, the need for a sweater at night? I’m ready for a little fire pit action too!

Until then…here’s the good stuff:

☞ If one more person tells me how busy they are…just stop.

☞ Have you updated to iOS 10 yet? Cool features.

“You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep others warm”  WORD!

Need to boost your creativity?

☞ Spoiler Alert: Season 2 of Mr. Robot…was interesting.

☞ Why Email Refuses to Die…I’ve started using Slack.

Have a great weekend, friends!



Friday Favorites 9.16.16

Friday favs blog graphicI’m not sure I have looked forward to a Friday as much as I’ve looked forward to this Friday! It has been a whirlwind in my world and finally I can catch my breath.

From moving my son into college, client work, a large client event and organizing a blogger/social media conference with my friend, Stephanie…I’m worn out.

So, I look forward to being an absolute slug this weekend…good food, good friends, football, sleep and very little responsibility…who’s with me?

And now to the good stuff…

Learning How to Say No…it’s a good skill to have.

Stop the Guilt Trip…go on a fun trip!

Self-promotion…you can do this.

☞ I could have never started TTG without a side hustle.

☞ I’m pretty sure I got a degree in college sports…but it wasn’t real.

And finally…this made me laugh and then made me sad because it’s so truthful.



Friday Favorites 9.2.16

As I’m writing this post from my patio…in the chilly fall air, I am giddy! I think we can safely say Friday favs blog graphicthat summer has bid us adieu and fall is here to welcome us.  The summer temps were brutal…I need a little 60 degree mornings in my life…how about you?

The boy is coming home this weekend and that makes me giddy also.  It’s going to be a great, long weekend.  On to the favs…

☞ We can always use time management tips. 

9 ways to hack your motivation…I needed this!

☞ Hilarious but painfully true…please don’t include me on your reply-all emails. 

☞ I love a clever business card design. 

☞ My son is bi-racial…but that’s not what everyone calls him. 

How to organize your desk…gotta buy a plant.

19 tweets about married life…I’ve had a few of these convos.

Shameless Plug: I am so proud to help put on the Megaphone Summit conference, Sept 9-11 in Fayetteville, AR.  If you blog, market, do social media…you will love this conference.  Still, time to register.

Friday Favorites 8.19.16

AT BLOG GRAPHICHello, Friday Friends! I hope you had a good week.  This was my first empty nest week and well…I’m not ready to talk about that yet. ?

I am very excited to start teaching Destination Marketing next week at the University of Arkansas on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Being on campus in the Fall….that is definitely one of my favorite things!

Now, on to the good stuff:

Ways to optimize your computer for productivity…I really need some of these tools!

☞ Need to boost your creativity outside the office? Work from a coffee shop. 

☞ Have you ever thought about utilizing a co-working space?

Marketing Pros share their best advice for entrepreneurs. 

☞ They had me at Ikea!

And…I’m still not ready to talk about it…but here’s a picture right before we left Spencer at Lyon College.  (sigh)