Friday Fab Four

Friday Fab FourHello Friends! Another Friday has arrived, therefore it is time for me to choose the best four articles I read this week to share with you! Enjoy and have a great weekend.

1. How to Create the Most Productive Office Space~Kathleen Hale {cluttered space…cluttered minds}

2. 8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8am~Benjamin Hardy {such a great reminder of what’s important}

3. 8 Extraordinary Social Media Facts about Lebron James~Jason Parks {Interesting…he has serious influence}

4. What Marketers and Designers Can Teach Each Other~Russ Perry {this is so good…lucky that I work with a great designer!}

Ode to Summer

IMG_6674* Warm Sun

* Blue Pool Water

* Hot Car Seats

* Cold Popsicles

* Tan Skin

* Delicious Air Conditioning

* Fresh Produce

* Catching Fireflies

* Flowers Blooming

* Late Nights

* Sunburned Noses

Friday Fab Four

Friday Fab FourOnce again, Friday is here and we’ve had so much rain! Trying not to complain too much since we will beg for rain in August! Hope you had a fun and productive week.  I was crazy busy but still had time to comb the interwebs for these four articles…just for you!

1. If You Want to be more Productive…Get More Sleep~Michael Hyatt {yes…love a good nap}

2. What Steve Jobs Stole from Ritz-Carlton~Micah Solomon {I do love a genius bar}

3. When to Quit a Project (or Career)~Tanner Christensen {never be afraid to walk away}

4. 5 Hilarious Father’s on Twitter who tell more than Dad Jokes~Eli Epstein {Happy Father’s Day dad!}

Friday Fab Four

Friday Fab FourIt’s summertime and Friday…a perfect combination! Here are the most interesting articles I read this week and hope you will enjoy. Have a great weekend!

1. 5 Lifehacks That’ll Make You Enjoy Work~Gemma Falconer <if these don’t help…might need a new job>

2. The End of the Office Voice Mail~Jena McGregor <can we end all voice mail please?>

3. Seven Ways to Make Yourself More Memorable~William Arruda <be positive>

4. 10 Small Ways to Make this the Least Stressful Summer of Your Life~Henrik Edberg <a great blog to sign up for>

Friday Fab Four

Friday Fab FourHappy Friday from sunny Northwest Arkansas! The rain is gone for now and it’s going to be a beautiful weekend.  I had a productive and busy week but still managed to scour the world wide web to find you the four best articles of the week! Enjoy!

1- The Moral Bucket List~David Brooks <If you read only one article…make it this one>

2-Paper Notebooks are as Relevant as Ever~Eric Weiner <the paper nerd in me loves this one>

3-How to Improve Your Business Writing~Carolyn O’Hara <I needed this reminder>

4-Amy Schumer’s “I’m Sorry” Skewers a Culture That Makes Women Apologize Constantly~Emma Gray <Can’t tell you how much I adore Schumer..I wrote about this as well.>

Just Say Yes

This is going to seem confusing to some because I am a big believer in saying no.  I know several justsayyesfriends who are overwhelmed in their daily lives because they cannot say ‘no’ to anything and therefore find themselves obligated to a lot of activities.  In the last few years, I have worked very hard to say no to things that deep down I just really didn’t want to do.  In this effort, I have protected the time in my life to do the things and spend time with the people that really matter to me.  If you are having trouble with this…I urge you to learn to say no!

However…there are times when you should just say yes. Those times when you are a little bit scared of the request because it might stretch you or push you a bit…those times, say yes.   Maybe you think you won’t know anyone at a networking event but you really want to hear the speaker…say yes! When you are offered to choose a book for the book club but you’ve never chosen before and you are afraid that no one will want to read your favorite author…say yes! Or when your boss wants you to present a project to the board but you are not sure you are ready…say yes!

There are times in our work and personal lives when we need a little push off the high dive. My high dive moment came last week when one of my favorite people, Paulette Nieuwenhof with the Poultry Federation, needed an emcee for her Ladies Luncheon and she asked me to be the emcee. I immediately thought NO WAY but the more Paulette and I talked the more I realized I needed to say yes.  I have no problem speaking in front of a crowd, I’ve attended this luncheon four times in the past so I know what the emcee responsibilities are and I cannot say no to Paulette.  But more than that, I needed to say yes to push myself and expand my comfort zone a bit.  I’m running a business for goodness sake, I can surely emcee a ladies luncheon…right? Right!

So, in a couple of weeks, because I said yes, I will be honored to emcee the Poultry Festival’s Ladies Luncheon, A Garden Party.  

When was the last time you were nervous to say yes but it turned out fine? I’d love your reassurance to hear your story!