Friday Fab Four 8.28.15

Friday Fab FourSo long August…hello Fall! I love this time of year when cool mornings meet warm afternoons…it is heavenly! I hope you had a productive week and are ready for a few articles to read.  Have a fantastic weekend, friends.

  1. These 6 Companies are Boosting Growth by Delighting Customers~Sujan Patel {I’ve certainly been delighted be at least 2 of these companies}
  2. American’s Views on Mobile Etiquette~Lee Rainie & Kathryn Zickuhr {ouch…we need to put down the phone}
  3. People Love Your Sarcasm, Really~Elizabeth Bernstein {can’t live without it!}
  4. 8 New Rules of Public Speaking~Jonathan Li

Clear Your Head

clearyourheadEver have one of those moments hours where there are so many thoughts running through your head? Yea, me too. This can be a debilitating experience…not sure what thought to tackle next…when is the project due…need to answer emails…return phone calls…finish to-do list. If I’m not careful…this process can quickly turn to stress and then a headache…not fun!

Last year I read Arianna Huffington’s book, Thrive, and it was eye opening.  The book is full of great information about work/life balance, getting enough sleep and why there is more to life than work.  In the book she also talks a lot about meditation.  The idea of meditation wasn’t new to me but I’d never really tried meditating.

I had plenty of excuses when I thought about meditating…I can’t sit still, I can’t quiet my mind, I can’t sit comfortably…I don’t know how to start.  So, I just didn’t do it.

Determined to try, earlier this year, I tried the app, Insight Timer, to help me meditate.  It’s a good app and has a lot of different meditators to practice with and learn from.  I would put in my earbuds and do my best to listen to the instructor and meditate. There’s one I particularly love which is called “Meditation on Gratitude” by Adam Dacey.  Adam does a great job leading this meditation and I really liked that I could focus on gratitude while meditating.

A month ago, I got a free trial of Headspace in my FabFitFun Box.  I LOVE this site so much and the meditations are amazing.  Plus, there’s a schedule to follow which really keeps me on track with meditating.  The schedule starts with 10 days of 10 minutes of mediating (we all have 10 minutes, right?).  Plus there are really fun short videos to help you learn how to meditate, including ways to clear your head and not feel guilty about thoughts entering your mind during mediation.  Andy leads the meditations every day and he’s so good…you need a great voice if you are going to lead meditations and his voice is amazing! I feel like Andy and I are friends and he really wants me to get really good at meditating…so I’m trying.

I’m on my 10th session and I feel like I am starting to really understand and get better at meditating…which is helping me clear my head daily.  Most importantly, it’s 10 minutes a day where I take time for myself to breathe deeply and take a digital break.  I read this article today about what technology is doing to our bodies…what are we doing people??

I hope if you have thought about meditating you will give Insight Timer or Headspace a try…guided meditations are really helpful.  Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t still your mind on the first few tries…it takes practice…but don’t give up.  Some days I knock it out of the park and really meditate and some days I can’t stop thinking about work or random ideas.  It’s ok…Andy says it’s ok to let the mind wander…just gently bring it back to the breath.

Have you tried meditation? Would love to hear about your experiences!

Friday Fab Four 8.21.15

Friday Fab FourHelllloooo Friday! I’ve had a great week and I hope you have as well. Here are the best articles I read this week…enjoy!

  1. Mindy Kaling’s Guide to Killer Confidence~Mindy Kaling {this was so good and very thoughtful}
  2. What Does The Agency of the Future Look Like~Andrew Jonasson {thought provoking…really got me thinking about TTG}
  3. If Your Co-Workers Were Rappers~Sarah Cooper {hilarious, I had so much fun with the #straightoutta meme}
  4. This is What Happens to Your Brain When You Stop Eating Sugar~Jordan Gaines Lewis {sugar is the devil!}

Bonus: I am obsessed with Headspace…it’s an amazing site for meditation and relaxation.

Friday Fab Four 8.14.15

Friday Fab FourHappy ‘best day of the week’ to you! Summer is almost over and school is about to start…another school year hurrying to begin…I’m not ready! While I lament my son starting his senior year…you can read these four articles I selected just for you.  Have a wonderful weekend and find a little time to reflect on your favorite moments from this summer.

  1. Make Your Own Creative Pre-Game Ritual~Stephanie Kaptein
  2. 12 Enjoyable Steps to a More Balanced Life~Mihai Herman {I’m loving my adult coloring books for just this reason…}
  3. 5 Steps for Culture Shift~Rule29 {every company has a culture…but not every company has a good culture}
  4. You’re Not Supposed to Be Anything~Jessica Manuszak {exactly…I’ll be me, you be you}

Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference

awbuI have been to many conferences over the years and some I liked and some were a waste of my time…time I can never get back!

The Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference is a conference I love to attend.  My dear friend, The Park Wife, created and organizes this conference every year.  This year will be my 3rd year to attend and I can hardly wait for August 28th to get here!

Not only are there great sessions on social media, blogging, writing and photography…but it’s a wonderful community of women (and men) who support each other.  The conference moves around the state of Arkansas and this year it’s in Hot Springs at the Arlington Hotel.

Blogging is not my full time focus but I do enjoy learning more about how to make my blog better and more influential. This conference helps me.  I manage social media for clients and I love getting in a room with other social media wizards and learning from them…you can never stop learning! This year there will be sessions on periscope and podcasting.

If you would like to attend a conference that is fun and filled with supportive, smart people and learn about blogging and social media…then the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference is for you…AND there’s still time to register!

Did I mention that Georgia Pellegrini, Rhea Lana Riner and Lela Davidson will be speaking? It’s going to be a great conference.

Friday Fab Four 8.7.15

Friday Fab FourOk summer, I’m officially over your sweltering hot days…you can move on into Fall now.  I’m ready to spend time on my patio without passing out from heat exhaustion! I read some really great articles this week…hope you enjoy the four I picked for you.

  1. The Science of Sleep: What Happens During the 5 Stages of Your Sleep Cycle~Lindsay Kolowich {I’m obsessed with articles about sleep}
  2. Why You Should be a Morning Person~Andrew Merle {but only if you get sleep!}
  3. All the Careers Launched by the Daily Show~digg {ok, not technically an article but worth watching!}
  4. The Buzz(kill) About Caffeine~ Ariane Wu & Murray Carpenter {I haven’t had caffeine in 18 years but I know it’s important to a lot of my friends}