Friday Fab Four 10.30.15

Happy (almost) Halloween! And goodbye October…where in the world did this month go? It’s my favorite month of the year…the beauty is astounding.  I hope you had a really good week…I did. Good meetings with good people…it makes the week grand! Here are the four best articles I read this week and saved just for you! Happy trick or treating.

  1. 9 Learnings from 9 Years of Brain Pickings~Maria Popova {great list}
  2. The 7 Personal Branding Mistakes that can Ruin Entrepreneurs~Jose Vasquez {or anyone really}
  3. Screw Finding Your Passion~Mark Manson {no sugar coating on this one}
  4. Why I Don’t Answer Most Phone Calls~Adrian Joly {I don’t answer most of mine either}

Friday Fab Four 10.23.15

So this week we are officially “in the past” thanks to Back to the Future…I remember watching FallFridayFabFourthat movie as a kid and thinking that October 21, 2015 was a lifetime away.  Yet, here we are. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these four articles I handpicked just for you.

  1. Pepsico Exec Has Tough Words for Ad Agencies~E.J. Schultz {the truth hurts}
  2. 7 Behaviors That Reveal Our Obsession with Technology~Carly Stec {I am so guilty of all of these}
  3. Why Too Much Choice is Stressing Us Out~Stuart Jeffries {i get stressed trying to pick a restaurant}
  4. I Pay for Cable TV, and I Don’t Care Who Knows It~Bryan Lufkin {talk about too many choices…geesh}

Re-Charge Your Battery

Work is stressful. Sitting all day at a desk is slowly killing us. Work-Life balance appears to be a cruel joke. Traffic is terrible. All the food we love is bad for us. There’s just not enough hours in the day to get our to-do lists completed. We do not take all of our vacation days. Not to mention, we are in the midst of a very grueling election cycle.

With ideas like these surrounding us daily, we might need a break!  Find a day during the week and take off…not a weekend but a Monday-Thursday day.  It’s a delicious feeling to take off during the week.

I took off on Monday…it was a beautiful Fall day and I needed to get outside. Mondays are so much nicer when you plan ahead to protect your day.  I purposely don’t schedule meetings on Mondays because it’s my day to organize the week, schedule social media and set meetings for the week. It’s made a huge difference in how I view Mondays in general and it makes my week more productive to know that I’ve saved the first day of the week to plan.  I realize not everyone has this luxury but if you can…give it a try and make Monday your organization and planning day.

Regardless of whether you take a day off or protect your Monday…you periodically need to re-charge your battery.  It’s good for you, your co-workers and your family.  Much like anything that runs on batteries…if it’s running down it’s not much good to anyone.

Maybe you can’t take a whole day…then find an hour each week to do something just for you. Walk through a museum, meditate, walk outside during your lunch hour, read a mystery novel…any of these ideas will give your battery a jumpstart and make the week that much better.

I hiked to Whitaker Point on Monday and not only was it a breathtakingly beautiful view but I got in a lot of exercise too.  I felt completely re-charged and ready to tackle the week once I got home. (I even found time to write a blog post!) 

I hope that you will take time this week or next to re-charge your battery…flu season is upon us and you don’t want a weak battery heading into that crud.

Friday Fab Four 10.16.15

FallFridayFabFourDo you hear that noise? It’s the sound of leaves falling from the trees…won’t be long until there are no leaves.  I hope you’ve had a productive week and are ready to read the four best articles I’ve chosen just for you. Enjoy the weekend and take time to listen to the leaves fall.

  1. The Technology of Talk: How Can We Reclaim Conversation~Lauren Cassani Davis {painful to read}
  2. A Photographer Edits out our Smartphones to Show our Strange and Lonely World~Steve Mollman {this is eerily interesting}
  3. The Lost Art of Getting Lost~Stephen Smith {google maps saved me so many times}
  4. Why Japanese Kids Can Walk to School Alone~Selena Hoy {if you try this in the US someone will call the cops on you!}

Friday Fab Four 10.9.15

FallFridayFabFourIs this the best day of the work week or what? Where I live, the fall weather has been amazing…cool mornings and warm afternoons…I love it.  This week was hectic but I still found time to curate a few articles just for you.  I hope you enjoy reading them and have a wonderful weekend!

  1. Is Your Morning Routine Holding You Back~Chris Danilo {a great reminder to protect your mornings from stressful takeovers}
  2. 7 Ways to be Debt-Free the Rest of Your Life~Daniel Ally {your relationship with money…how you think about and talk about money, it all matters}
  3. A Private Peek at the HomeScreens of Top Marketers~Kevan Lee {it’s fun to look at how other folks set up their homescreen and good for new app ideas!}
  4. 20 Amazing Office Spaces that will Blow Your Mind~Jenny Haeg {i have serious office space envy}

Since it’s Friday…here’s a bonus for you.  A little goody I found, thanks to Dave Pell’s Next Draft.

Friday Fab Four 10.2.15

FallFridayFabFourHappy first Friday in October! I hope you had a productive and fun week…if you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong. Here are the best articles I read this week.

  1. The Paradoxical, Pressure Filled Quest to Build a Personal Brand~Ann Friedman {good points in this article about your brand}
  2. The Importance of Donald Trump~Frank Rich {I’m not a fan…but this article is interesting}
  3. The Mason Jar, Reborn~Ariana Kelly {I love a drink in a mason jar}
  4. Everyone You Know Will be able to Rate You on the Terrifying “Yelp for People”~Caitlin Dewey {i think this app is going to be bad news}