Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432Is there a more beautiful time of year than Spring?  Mother Nature is sure out doing herself this year in our neck of the woods. Here are the best articles I have read this week, enjoy.

1. 9 Habits for Optimal Brain Power–Barbara Mendez {the older I get the more I worry about my brain function}

2. The Science of Why You Should Spend Your Money on Experiences, Not Things–Jay Cassano {yes!}

3. Try an “InstaCoffeeHobbes” Morning Ritual to Start Positive–Allison Stadd {I’m trying this now}

4. Ways Content Marketing is Going to Change in 2015–John Rampton {Will content remain King?}

Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432Happy first Friday of February! I hope it was a productive week for you and now that the weekend is almost here….you have time to read these great articles I picked just for you.

1. You Should Know Your Parents’ Social Media End Of Life Wishes–Jake Swearingen (Sorry, not exactly cheerful but something we now have to think about in the social media age…you should think about your wishes as well)

2. $3 Tip on a $4 Coffee? Gratuities Grow Automatically--Hilary Stout (I’ve certainly experienced this)

3. Creative People Say No–Kevin Ashton (Not just for creatives…learn to say no)

4. Why It’s So Hard to Catch Your Own Typos–Nick Stockton (Aha! Now I know…)