Friday Favorites

AT BLOG GRAPHICFri-Yay! Who’s ready for the weekend? This girl! I hope you had a week filled with joy and laughter. I had a really great week…lunch with cool people, fun client work and I’m getting my hair done today….A+ week.

The Emmy nominations came out yesterday and they confirmed for me that I watch really great tv…Game of Thrones, Unbreakable Kimmy, Bloodline, Blackish…so proud of all my shows.

Without further ado…here’s what made the list this week.

☞ Puzzling that we need a way to get women in the boardroom but there is this database.

☞ Stress costs a lot of money…we gotta take better care of ourselves, stat!

☞ I am obsessed with anything quinoa…and these look amazing.

☞ My very first job was at an IGA…Twiggs IGA in my hometown of Gentry.

☞ Rejection sucks but sometimes it leads to something better. 

☞ I do love to de-clutter my home and life…here’s 2o things to throw out today. 

I’m not participating in Pokemon Go (see my tv obsession above) but I’m glad my son and his friends are because they are having the best time walking around our city, having fun.

I know the game is not perfect and there are disruptions to business or shady people taking advantage…but in this time of such global sadness…I’m grateful for something silly to bring people together.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!

Friday Fab Four 7.10.15

Friday Fab FourAnother Friday is here and I am still talking about all the rain! This is the most interesting summer weather I’ve experienced in a long time.  Summer rains are great for hanging out on the patio and reading great articles…so here are four for you to read on your patio, deck, porch or wherever you like to relax.

1. A Food Truck Isn’t Just About the Food. It’s the Truck Too~Christina Scotti {i love a food truck!}

2. The 10 Best Hotels in the World~Melanie Lieberman {wow…would love to visit them all}

3. The Pope Released 10 Tips for Becoming a Happier Person~Mbiyimoh Ghogomu {I really love this Pope}

4. One Woman in the Boardroom Isn’t Enough. Here’s Why~Emily Peck {really great insight on this topic}