Friday Fab Four 11.13.15

Friday Fab FourHappy Friday the 13th! Is this even a thing anymore? When I was younger…during the Friday the 13th movie craze…this occurrence seemed a little more ominous I guess.  Today, it just feels like an ordinary day.

I read so many great articles this week it was hard to just pick four of them…but that is what I must do. Have a great Friday.

  1. 5 Types of Bad Bosses to Avoid~Aaron Hurst {any of these ring a bell?}
  2. 10 Time-Saving Tools for Managing Your Social Media Following~Evan Seto {great suggestions}
  3. Why Today’s Ad Agencies are Reluctant to Call Themselves ‘Ad Agencies’~Patrick Coffee
  4. Young Women are Living with Mom and Dad as if it’s 1940~LA Times {hey, don’t knock it until you try it}

Friday Fab Four 7.31.15

Friday Fab FourToday is the last day of July…say what?! As much as I try, I cannot slow down this summer.  It’s frustrating.  Luckily, I read several great articles this week to take my mind off of tempus fugit! Have a great weekend!

1. 3 Traits of Great Bosses (and How to Pick One)~Michelle Lam {If you have a boss, I hope they fall in one of these three categories!}

2. How 12 Companies Make Meetings Memorable, Effective and Short~Stephanie Vozza {really good ideas for better meetings}

3. Rethinking Exercise as a Source of Immediate Rewards~Jane E. Brody {yes!}

4. How Brand-New Words are Spreading Across America~Nikhil Sonnad {this is really interesting…or on fleek}

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The Friday Fab Four

Much like you, I read a lot of great articles each week.  On Fridays, I will post the top four I found interesting.

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1. What Truly Great Bosses Believe–Geoffrey James

2. How to Find Your Company’s Sheryl Sandberg–Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer

3. The Top 8 Reasons Your Best People Are About to Quit–Eric Jackson

4. Target CMO Acknowledges Culture Crisis–Sapna Maheshwari

Bonus: Had to add this one because it is so good! I have already implemented the Inbox-CC folder.  So smart!

How to Scale Yourself and Get More Done Than You Thought Possible–Danny Schreiber