Friday Favorites

Can you believe that yesterday was the first day of Autumn yet it still feels like summer here Blog graphicin Arkansas? Where’s the crisp fall air, the need for a sweater at night? I’m ready for a little fire pit action too!

Until then…here’s the good stuff:

☞ If one more person tells me how busy they are…just stop.

☞ Have you updated to iOS 10 yet? Cool features.

“You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep others warm”  WORD!

Need to boost your creativity?

☞ Spoiler Alert: Season 2 of Mr. Robot…was interesting.

☞ Why Email Refuses to Die…I’ve started using Slack.

Have a great weekend, friends!



I’m Not Sorry (Anymore)

“I’m sorry.”  I must say those words a million times a day.

“I’m sorry but I think we should use a different photo for the ad”

“Sorry, I didn’t have time to answer your four paragraph email”

“So sorry, would you mind turning down your music”

“Sorry, but you are in my seat.”

My gosh, it is an epidemic! Why do I feel so sorry all the time? A female co-worker shared this great article (by Jessica Bennett) with me and she said in the email “I’m guilty of this.” And after I read the article, I realized I am guilty as well.  Sometimes, I feel if I preface a tough statement with the word ‘sorry’ the sentiment won’t be so terse…why do I have to apologize for being terse? I don’t think men say the word ‘sorry’ near as much as women.  I even wondered if it was a southern thing…like how I say “Bless Your Heart,” but this article leads me to believe that it is not a southern thing…it’s a female thing.

A while ago, I read an article that said people use the word ‘busy’ to one up each other about how busy they are as if they are the only people on earth who are busy.  I hear this every. single. day.  So, after reading that article, I work very hard not to say that I am busy…I try to say something more positive and genuine.  We are all busy, so why is it some badge of honor to tell everyone how busy we are?

Sorry, I digress.  UGH! See, there it is again.  I am going to work very hard to stop apologizing for basically existing in this world.  From now on, I will assert myself and not apologize for having an opinion.  I will stop apologizing to the waiter when I need more butter with my french toast.  Starting today, I will not apologize when someone bumps into me at the grocery store.  I will certainly not say I am sorry when it was your phone that dropped the call!

Will you join me? Let’s all stop saying we are sorry unless we truly are sorry and need to apologize for something.  So, if you know me and you hear me use the word sorry when I shouldn’t, please ask me to stop!

Here’s the commercial by Pantene mentioned in the article…it hit very close to home for me.