Friday Fab Four

image001Isn’t Friday just the best day of all? Here are four articles I chose just for your reading pleasure.

1. The One Thing About Your Spouse’s Personality That Really Affects Your Career–Andrew O’Connell {Interesting}

2. How to Get a Career That Provides Stability–Penelope Trunk {Gen X wants flexibility…yes!}

3. Why Work-Life Balance is Important for Parents–Jacob Shriar {Really love this one}

4. What Happens to Your Brain When You’re Having a Brilliant Idea–Vivian Giang {Eureka!}

Friday Fab Four

image001The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler! Happy Fall Friday, enjoy these four articles hand picked just for you.

1. What You Should do Before Downloading iOS 8–Samantha Murphy Kelly (Who’s getting a new iPhone?)

2. How to Spot a Bad Boss Before You Accept the Job Offer–Lisa Quast (Good things to keep in mind)

3. 7 Rules That Keep My Life Simple–Leo Babauta (I really like a few of these rules)

4. Personal Branding: 3 Easy Steps to Advance Your Career–William Arruda

Back to School

ecycler-crayons-300x240New crayons, paper and binders…ahh, a trip to my favorite place, the office supply store.  Isn’t ‘back to school’ a wonderful time of year? Parents are happy to get their kids back in a routine, teachers are happy and refreshed, kids are (usually) ready to see their classmates…it’s a pretty joyous occasion for all involved.

I miss the ‘new year’ feeling that the first day of school always brought me.  Now that school is long gone and we’ve started our careers, we still need to get new supplies, refresh our routine and feel good again about the start of a new year.  What will we accomplish this year, who will we meet? I get a small feeling of this on January 2nd with my new desk calendar…but nothing like all those first days of school.

In July, I was at a conference and the speaker said that one of the top ten smells that bring back childhood memories, is the smell of a new box of crayons. Do you remember that smell? Is there anything in your work life now that brings you as much joy as a new box of crayons did when you were a child?   If not… then go buy yourself a box of crayons!

What I am Reading Now–July

index Business Without the Bullsh*t, 49 Secrets and Shortcuts You Need to Know…this is my book for July.  A lot of good information in this book and it will be a book that I will keep close to my desk to use as a reference.  I plan to read it cover to cover but the author suggests that you can pick the book up and read a chapter when a question or issue arises.  It’s very well written and I like that at the end of each chapter James gives a summary of what was discussed in the chapter.  Another book I think would be good to have in hand to highlight pages but I also think I will download it to my iPad.


From Amazon:

In BUSINESS WITHOUT THE BULLSH*T, James explains how to clear the clutter from your work life so you can achieve real and lasting success. You’ll learn how to:

  •                     Earn the respect of your peers
  •                     Find and keep your dream job
  •                     Use layoffs to build your career
  •                     Give unforgettable presentations
  •                     Neutralize workplace bullies
  •                     Nail that all-important email
  •                     Achieve lasting career security

Full of the bluntest secrets from the most successful workers, BUSINESS WITHOUT THE BULLSH*T gives you the essence of what you need to know to achieve a successful and meaningful career in the business world.