Friday Fab Four 8.14.15

Friday Fab FourHappy ‘best day of the week’ to you! Summer is almost over and school is about to start…another school year hurrying to begin…I’m not ready! While I lament my son starting his senior year…you can read these four articles I selected just for you.  Have a wonderful weekend and find a little time to reflect on your favorite moments from this summer.

  1. Make Your Own Creative Pre-Game Ritual~Stephanie Kaptein
  2. 12 Enjoyable Steps to a More Balanced Life~Mihai Herman {I’m loving my adult coloring books for just this reason…}
  3. 5 Steps for Culture Shift~Rule29 {every company has a culture…but not every company has a good culture}
  4. You’re Not Supposed to Be Anything~Jessica Manuszak {exactly…I’ll be me, you be you}

Friday Fab Four 7.24.15

welcome_to_las_vegas-wide copyHappy Friday from Las Vegas! I’m here for my son’s basketball tournament which is the ONLY reason I would be in Vegas in July. I hope you had a great week and are looking for a few great articles to read because I only give you the best.

1. The Revolt Against Tourism~Elizabeth Becker {after spending 14 years in the tourism industry, this article does not surprise me}

2. The New Plague of Our Culture: I’m So Busy~ Dustin W Stout {quickly becoming one of my biggest pet peeves}

3. After 98 Years, Converse Set to Unveil Chuck Taylor II~Taryn Luna {I might actually buy a pair when they are more comfy}

4. Las Vegas Hopes to Lose its Wedding Bell Blues~John M. Glionna {I got married in NYC’s city hall…so I guess I’m to blame}

Friday Fab Four

Friday Fab FourHip, hip hooray for a short week! I know I should not complain because of August…and California but will the rain please.just.stop?

I found these four articles to be more interesting than most…you know the drill!

1- Game of Thrones Ratings are Falling~Kirsten Acuna <gee, i wonder why>

2-Inbox Zero vs Inbox 5,000~Joe Pinsker <which one are you? I don’t like to have unread emails>

3- The Main Differences between Tylenol, Advil, Aleve & Aspirin-Erin Brodwin <this gave me a headache>

4- How Company Culture Affects HR~Jeff Fermin <can’t have one without the other>

Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432Today is a very special Friday…he’s back!! Enjoy these four articles, I will be busy binge watching House of Cards.

1. How the Mayor of Pittsburgh Hired the Most Diverse Staff in the City’s History–Debra Smit {Nice job Pittsburgh!}

2. How a Great Company Culture helps with Customer Loyalty–Jabob Shriar {it’s all connected!}

3. Use the 52-17 Rule to Maximize Productivity–Denis Lelic {sitting is the new smoking}

4. Meet the Tweet-Deleters–Kevin Roose {Interesting…and I almost agree with this idea}

Snow Day Policy

snoopsnowWho doesn’t love a snow day? The world literally slows down for a bit and kids (and teachers) rejoice.

Do you rejoice as well or are you more stressed on a snow day?  For many, a snow day means a day working from home.  For others, it’s a stressful, agonizing day because their workplace either has no snow day policy, a policy that isn’t clearly defined or they work for someone who doesn’t believe in snow days.

I’ve worked in these situations and as a result, I always dreaded a snow day.  Every morning these thoughts go through your head…Is the office closed or opening late? What will I do with my son while I work? Can I drive my car on the bad roads? What if I wreck? It can become a very stressful and debilitating day for an employee. The workplace needs a clearly defined policy and no matter what, it needs to stick to that policy.

I’ve seen companies with really good snow day policies, for instance, one place had a policy that if the local school was closed then the office was closed.  This is great because not only is it very straightforward, but the employees who are also parents can rest assured they won’t have to deal with child care issues.  Other companies open later to allow traffic to flow and snow to melt, this is also good.  Regardless, have a policy that is clearly defined and be reasonable with your people.  Some people are terrified to drive on snow and ice so be understanding if they ask to work from home.  Some employees can’t wait to be the first ones out on the snow…good for them but don’t compare those employees against those who don’t like to drive, everyone is different.

I believe that if you instill a great culture in the work place every day, you won’t have to worry about snow days…not only are your employees probably happy and content but they will be more apt to actually do work from home and/or brave the elements to get in to the office.  This is what you want most of all, employees who want to work even on a snow day because the workplace culture is so good and trust me, this is what employees want as well.

Here’s a great article: The Adult Snow Day is Dying, and That’s Sad. 

Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432This is the last Friday in January…a whole month is in the books for 2015! Here are the four best articles I read this week and thought you might want to read as well.  Enjoy!

1. 15 Best Workplaces of 2015–Jeff Fermin {a great list of companies that are winning the culture game!}

2. The Power of Ignoring Mainstream News–Joel Gascoigne {this really hit home with me bc I don’t watch the news either}

3. Newcastle’s Band of Brands Super Bowl Ad is a Logotastic Adstravaganza–Jeff Beer {Love Newcastle’s disruption!}

4. The Secrets of Highly Efficient Napping–Robbie Gonzalez {There’s nothing better than a good nap!}


Coach by Example


via Business Insider

Sunday, Coach Mike Krzyzewski won his 1,000th basketball game.  Incredible feat.  His after the game interview was pure Coach K, he took zero credit for himself and gave all the credit to his mentors and players. He is truly a class act and it’s no wonder why he’s been so successful as a college basketball coach.  Coach K has always commanded excellence at Duke because he has exemplified excellence as well.  I doubt he has ever asked any of his future or former players to do anything that he has not done himself.  He leads by example and takes incredibly good care of his players.

Since I am a basketball sports junkie, most of my management style comes from being on a team for many years and from coaching.  I believe that in the office just like the sports team, chemistry is essential.  If you have the wrong people on the court or on a project at the same time and they do not work well together…you will not score points on the court or in the office.  The coach/manager has to recognize chemistry and build a team with the best chemistry possible in order to succeed.

It is up to the coach/manager to build a good culture on the team and in the office.  If the coach/manager works hard to live that culture every day, the team will excel.  If the coach/manager treats culture as lip service the team will fail.  I have seen so many sports teams have amazing talent but not be reach their potential because the coach does not have a good policy/culture on discipline. The same is true in the office, if the manager allows a poor culture to be the norm, rock star employees will seek opportunities elsewhere, thus the team will fail.  Coaches and managers cannot ask their people to follow rules or policies that they are not willing to follow themselves.  This is usually a dictatorship management style and trust me, dictatorships get overthrown!

Attitude goes a long way when coaching or managing a team.  If the coach is negative in practice then the team will begin to believe they aren’t very good.  If a manager is negative in staff meetings then his team will stop bringing new ideas to the table for fear of negative feedback from the boss. Positive people live better lives…I am convinced of it.  In that interview, Coach K was positive about everything and everyone.  Duke didn’t play a perfect game but he talked about how they came back and how they fought until the end.  That’s positive speak, not negative.  It’s no wonder he’s the greatest college basketball coach of all time.

Finally, I love a coach with passion.  The coaches who jump up and down on the sideline, meet their players on the field and hug them…those are great coaches.  Everyone loves to be cheered for and recognized for great effort.  Managers can’t forget that its their job to cheer on the team and hand out atta girls/boys. When the team does well, celebrate, every time.  Players/employees want to play for people who are passionate. My good friend, Stephanie Buckley, always says, “be the fountain not the drain.” I love that statement and I think more coaches/managers could learn from it. Managing people does not have to be a drain for the manager or the employees.

What is your favorite management style?



Friday Fab Four

image001Happy first Friday of October…one of my favorite months. Here are four pretty cool articles for you to read.

1. You Deserve a Pre-Cation–Will Oremus (Wow, this is an amazing perk)

2. The 10 Tech Terms You’re Mixing Up–Adda Birnir (This was great and I learned a thing or two)

3. 10 Words You Must Never use to Describe Yourself–Greg Savage (I’m off to erase ‘rock star’ from all my bios. lol)

4. 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Reduce Stress and Restore Your Sanity–Michael Hyatt (gratitude!)


The Friday Fab Four

Much like you, I read a lot of great articles each week.  On Fridays, I will post the top four I found interesting.

**Helpful Tip: Too busy to read that great article right this minute? Use Pocket to save articles for reading later.


1. What Truly Great Bosses Believe–Geoffrey James

2. How to Find Your Company’s Sheryl Sandberg–Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer

3. The Top 8 Reasons Your Best People Are About to Quit–Eric Jackson

4. Target CMO Acknowledges Culture Crisis–Sapna Maheshwari

Bonus: Had to add this one because it is so good! I have already implemented the Inbox-CC folder.  So smart!

How to Scale Yourself and Get More Done Than You Thought Possible–Danny Schreiber