Friday Favorites Blog graphicIf only every weekend could be parents weekend…but alas, I am told that it cannot. So this weekend…back to my empty nest.  I do plan to fire up the fire pit and watch college football. What are your plans for this fall weekend?

Let’s get right to the good stuff…shall we?

☞ I only double dip with my husband.

Career advice from Buffett and Jobs…I’ll take it!

☞ Finally, someone gets to the point in how to email.

☞ I love this advice…“Starting the day with passion creates momentum”

☞ This is a music festival I could get excited about.

☞ It should be obvious…but just in case, Just Say No.

Finally, if you know me, you know how much I LOVE my Passion Planner…and they made a pink one for 2017 which I’m certain was just for me.  Check it out if you are looking for a great paper planner for the new year.



Friday Favorites

Can you believe that yesterday was the first day of Autumn yet it still feels like summer here Blog graphicin Arkansas? Where’s the crisp fall air, the need for a sweater at night? I’m ready for a little fire pit action too!

Until then…here’s the good stuff:

☞ If one more person tells me how busy they are…just stop.

☞ Have you updated to iOS 10 yet? Cool features.

“You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep others warm”  WORD!

Need to boost your creativity?

☞ Spoiler Alert: Season 2 of Mr. Robot…was interesting.

☞ Why Email Refuses to Die…I’ve started using Slack.

Have a great weekend, friends!



Get a ‘Handle’ on Your Social Media

Remember when email first came out…no? Let me tell you how it went down…AOL was one of social media tip, handlesthe first email providers that everyone jumped on board with…mostly thanks to the movie You’ve Got Mail.  (We all wanted to hear those 3 little words.)

Way back in those days (the 90’s) my friends and I would try to think up the most clever email handle…not our names mind you but something clever and cute.  Like mine might have been  Others might have been catlover1973@aol, babyblueeyes@…you get my drift.

It did not occur to us to use our actual name because email was new and exciting and our names were boring!

Fast forward to the social media age…we should have learned from those early days that our handles SHOULD be our name and not some cute moniker, we give ourselves.  However, I still see many folks on social media making this mistake.

Facebook pretty much forces you to use your full name…so your 9th grade boyfriend can look you up and facebook stalk your page! Other social platforms, like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat give you the ability to be as creative as you’d like with your handle.  Resist this urge, I beg you!

Your Twitter, Instagram, Et al. handle should be your name if you want to grow your account and increase engagement.  People have a hard time trusting an account that is @babyblueeyes…who is that? And if you’re profile photo isn’t your photo (which it should be)…then it’s really hard to figure out who just followed me on Instagram.  Social Media is about being social and engaging with human beings…so use your name or something close to your name for your handles.

The same is true for your business accounts.  Maybe you make the best pies in town but if your handle is @bestpiesintown, that doesn’t tell me who the business is…save the “best pies in town” for your bio. Your handle should be @yourbusinessname.

I see this mistake with student-athletes all the time.  They have cute handles that pertain to their prowess in the sport they play…which is fun, but when a coach is trying to find them (and they are) on social media…the student-athlete is better off using their name as their handle.

If your name is Bob Smith…I realize you are most likely not going to get @bobsmith…but you can get creative and add a number that means something to you or you can try something like, @bob_smith.

My Instagram and Twitter handles are @allysontwiggs and @thetwiggsgroup…would love to connect with you there!


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends and welcome to the second round of Friday Favorites.  I hope last week Blog graphicyou liked the new format and found some useful stuff in my favorite picks.  I think I’ve found even better stuff this week! If you do nothing else…treat yourself to the Adele video…it’s so awesome!

My son turned 18 yesterday…remember turning 18? The sweet feeling of adulthood and independence.  It’s not as much fun when you are the mom of an 18 year old! {sigh}

Let’s take a trip in 2016

#Girlboss reading list or good for Guy Bosses too

After work emails = unlimited vacay

Every movie Tom Hanks starred in…hilarious

What pain do you want in life?


Welcome to Friday Favorites Blog graphicHappy Friday, friends! It’s a new year which means time for a change!
This space has always been reserved for my Friday Fab Four but I’m changing it up in 2016…welcome to “Friday Favorites.”
Every Friday, I will still bring you great articles that I’ve read PLUS other ‘favorite’ items I find. Hope you enjoy!

Is Email Making a Comeback in 2016? 

☞ How to Get Sh*t Done!

☞ Eat Like Tom Brady

Jerry Seinfeld + the President

“Serve the Whole Child” IMG_8331



Friday Fab Four 9.25.15

FallFridayFabFourAccording to the calendar…Fall is officially here! Unleash everything pumpkin flavored. Hope you had a great week.  I read a lot of great articles this week but felt like these four made the cut.  Have a great weekend.

  1. 10 Best Email Signature Design Case Studies~Mary Stribley {no more boring email sigs!}
  2. 7 Things I learned about Gmail Working at Google~Rodolphe Dutel {some really good tips in this article}
  3. Fixing Our Unhealthy Obsession with Work Email~Maura Thomas {just say no}
  4. Netflix Data Reveals Exactly When TV Shows Hook Viewers-And It’s Not the Pilot~Todd Spangler

Friday Fab Four

IMG_6128It is good to be home on this Friday! I’ve been in Miami all week with the Hubs and while Miami is beautiful…I always look forward to returning home.  Here are four articles that I read this week and thought you might want to read them as well.  Have a great day!

1. The Long Marriage of Mindfulness and Money–Michelle Goldberg {I try to meditate weekly…there is something to quieting the mind on a daily basis}

2. Why Email Will be Obsolete by 2020–John Brandon {I can hardly wait}

3. Anchorman: The Legend of Don Lemon–Taffy Brodesser-Akner {Really loved this article on Lemon}

4. Nine Psychological Reasons We Love Lists–Claudia Hammond {Now I know why lists make me giddy}

Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432Happy Friday! The sun is shining and hopefully winter is gone for good.  We spring forward this weekend so I feel like that’s a good sign that Spring is on its way.  Here’s your fab four!

1. 10 Things You Can do to Improve Your Personal Brand Online–Lauren Ridgway {Or you can hire me to do it for you!}

2. What Meditation Isn’t–Louise Jensen {I’m trying to meditate more in 2015 and I liked the truth in this article}

3. Your Emails are Silently Enraging your Co-Workers–Travis Bradberry {yep!}

4. When Your Punctuation Says it All (!)–Jessica Bennett {I’ve been known to ‘affectively lengthen’ a word or twoooooooo}

Pick Up or Get Up

In a recent blog post, I talked about the ‘reply all’ function and why I believe people need to pick up the phone or get up from their desks and talk to people instead of emailing.  Trust me, I’m guilty of this all the time.  I email folks when I could just pick up the phone and get the answer or result I am looking for instantly.  Email is easier and less invasive.  I’m learning, however, if I want a quick answer or if what I need to discuss is complicated, it is far easier to pick up the phone or walk to that person’s office and ask.  Sure, I know there won’t be a paper trail or a ‘cover your ass’ trail but it is more productive to get a quick solution…isn’t that what we are all trying to accomplish anyway?

Several years ago, I heard a Walmart executive talk about Mr. Sam’s rule for making decisions…basically something to the effect of, “Don’t make a big decision from your desk chair.” The executive went on to talk about how he had a store manager that needed to be fired. The store employees were complaining, store sales were down and so was morale. This executive could have easily fired the store manager from his desk chair that day. Instead, he got up, flew to the store and met with the store manager face to face. He learned that the store manager’s wife was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and the store manager was simply doing everything he could to stay afloat. The executive didn’t fire the store manager, he got him the help he needed and the time to be with his wife. This story stuck with me for all these years and has always reminded me to ‘get up’ and ask questions in person.

Another reason it’s good to talk in person is because tone is a very difficult thing to interpret in an email. I have the annoying habit of using way too many exclamation points in my emails (and texts, tweets, etc!)…mostly because I am trying to reflect my fun nature in the tone of my email. If a person doesn’t use exclamation points, or happy faces then sometimes tone can be misinterpreted in an email. Tone is rarely misinterpreted in a phone call or face to face conversation. There are times when you mean to inflect a stern tone in an email and the receiver misses the point all together. I promise if you pick up the phone, they won’t miss the tone at all from your voice.

Next time you start to write that email; try to pick up or get up. A few things will happen, for one, the person might actually appreciate talking to you because it is more personal than email, two, your message will be clear and concise (hopefully) and three, it’s always good to get up from our desks and walk somewhere!

Reply All…Let’s Not!

ive-never-been-held-hostage-but-ive-been-on-a-group-text-feb05Have you ever been on one of those never ending ‘reply all’ emails?  Absolute agony.  People, it is 2014 why can we not figure out how to properly use the ‘reply all’ function? To me, reply all simply means “cover your ass” because that is usually why someone uses the ‘reply all’ function.

Just the other day I explained it like this…person A. (let’s call him Jack) Jack needs an answer to a question and so he emails the 8 members of his team hoping that someone in that group will know the answer.  (Jack could also pick up the phone or {God forbid} walk to someone’s office but I will save that for another blog post) Perfectly fine for Jack to email the 8 staffers but here’s what usually happens next.  Person B. (let’s call her Sally) Sally immediately replies all with the answer to Jack’s question thus winning the make believe game in her head that you must be first to reply all! Then person C. (…Bob) Bob also replies all with the answer just mere seconds after Sally and so on and so on. Meanwhile person H. (YOU) gets out of their meeting and has 48 emails in their inbox…WTH?

In this instance, NO ONE should reply all.  Jack is the one who posed his question to 8 people, only Jack should suffer the 8 email responses not the other 8 people.  Now I know what the reply allers will say “But how do we know if Jack got his answer if we don’t reply all?” That is Jack’s problem, not anyone else’s.

Once ‘reply all’ starts it’s contagious thus making one simple email turn in to several.  Who has time for that? Aren’t we all aspiring to “Inbox Zero?”

Here’s another ‘reply all’ scenario.  If you are putting 50 email addresses in the T0: or the CC: area you are doing it wrong! And guess what this leads to? Someone replying all accidentally to all 50 people in your email. Disaster.  This is a nightmare situation for the 43 people who didn’t care one lick about the original email to begin with.

Reply all is a very delicate tool, one that must not be taken lightly.  Today we feel empowered to email anyone, anytime and that has lead to poor email etiquette in my opinion.  I myself am trying to pick up the phone more or talk face to face with people because I believe (much like the handwritten note) people appreciate human contact more than another email in their inbox.

The next time you get the urge to reply all…stop and either just hit reply or pick up the phone and say “hello.”

Here’s a great article about how to mute reply all emails.