Friday Favorites

I know getting older isn’t everyone’s favorite past-time…but I do love a birthday! At this point inAT BLOG GRAPHIC my life, I am grateful for another healthy year to spend time with my family and friends…and besides, 44 is the new 30 right?  Thank you to everyone who made my birthday special on Wednesday!

And now, on to the favs:

☞ I have a few of these weird personality traits…thankfully!

☞ I love to work from home but once in awhile, I need to work around people.

☞ 5 Things No One Tells You About Being a Girl Boss…#2 especially.

15 Ways to package chocolate…yum, yum.

☞ More ways to be effective working from home.

Facebook really does make birthdays more fun!

I haven’t been home on my birthday in about 4 years, thanks to a basketball tournament in Las Vegas…so tonight, I look forward to (being home) celebrating with friends!

Have a great weekend.


Friday Favorites 6.24.16

AT BLOG GRAPHICSay hello to the last Friday of June…can you believe it? Lately, June has felt like August so maybe we’ll get lucky and August will feel like June…probably not though.

So, I needed a new, bigger desk so I ordered one from Office Depot and then spent an evening putting it together along with a filing cabinet.  Let me tell you, I hate putting together furniture! It’s so tedious and time consuming.  Assembling it, I thought about those people who have to write the directions, they must be pretty intelligent folks.  I could not write those directions if I had to.  Now I have a new beautiful desk and filing cabinet, plus a blister on my thumb and sore hands from using a screw driver 3,982 times.  (ps: this is not a favorite!)

But these are…enjoy!

Need tips on how to pitch your business, product or idea? 

What to do if you hate your job…I did, so I started my own business.

I do love a notebook/journal…gotta learn how to bullet journal.

☞ Speaking of starting your own business….here’s what not to do. 

I was so happy that Cleveland won!

Have a great weekend…since next Friday is the start of a long, holiday weekend…I’ll skip it and return on Friday, July 8th.  Stay cool.


Friday Favorites 5.13.16 Blog graphicHappy Friday the 13th, folks! I hope today brings you lots of good fortune.

No one tells you the crazy town that is preparing for your child’s high school graduation…maybe the universe is keeping me busy on purpose.  Less tears that way!

I had a great week of client meetings and I spoke on a panel about social media…one of my favorite subjects.

Here’s what I found just for you…

☞ Working from home is great…but challenging.

☞ I just refreshed my website…glad to not have one of these issues.

☞ This article got me fired up about the inequality in women’s sports. 

☞ Want to make things pretty but you are not a graphic designer…here’s a few apps for that.

The hubs got me a Fitbit Alta for Mother’s Day and I am LOVING it.  I had the Fitbit One but I was tired of remembering to strap it on my bra strap! My goal is 50,000 steps a week and so far this week, I’m already at 52,000…there’s just something about tracking those steps that gets me moving.

Have a great weekend, friends!

Friday Fab Four 12.4.15

Happy first Friday of December! Just two more Fridays until Christmas…holy moly.  Did this TTG Fab 4 Decholiday season sneak up on us or what? I hope you had a great week…I certainly did.  The sun was shining all week and it was so wonderful.  Here are the four best articles I read this week, hope you enjoy!

  1. 8 Fascinating Studies Every Entrepreneur Should Know~Kissmetrics {thought this was good for anyone}
  2. 10 Science-Backed Tips for Rocking Your Next Public Speaking Opp~Carly Stec {Excellent tips!}
  3. Two Things to do After Every Meeting~Paul Axtell {if you must meet…do it well}
  4. The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss~First Round {a must read for managers}

Friday Fab Four

dondraperfabfourHappy long weekend Friday! In honor of the end of Mad Men…I threw in a couple of articles I read this week about Mad Men! Enjoy.

1. Coke Did Not Pay for Its Mad Men Role–E.J. Schultz {That’s a lot of free promotion}

2. Jon Hamm Talks About the Mad Men Series Finale–Dave Itzkoff {priceless, so long Don Draper}

3. Uber, but for Putting Gas in Your Car–Ben Popper {sign me up! I miss full service gas stations}

4. The Single Most Important Quote for Every Entrepreneur to Remember–Thomas KouloPoulos {I’ve never liked being on the sidelines}

Good Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432Happy Good Friday! There’s not a more beautiful time of year than Spring! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend.  Here are four articles I read this week that I thought you would enjoy.

1. The Healing Power of Your Own Medical Records–Steve Lohr {This one really got me thinking and stressing about where my medical records are!}

2. 20 Career Tips from Entrepreneurs–Joanna Goddard {You can never have too much advice}

3. How to Opt Out of Everything–Joseph Stromberg {You are very welcome!}

4. Your Definition of Organized is Holding You Back–Tanner Christensen {Time to rethink my workspace!}

What I am Reading–January

makeyourmarkIf you followed along last year, you know that I read and report on a business book a month.  You can catch last year’s books on my bookshelf to the right on my homepage.

This month I am reading Make Your Mark: The Creative’s Guide to Building a Business with Impact by the folks from 99U.  I love reading articles at 99U so I knew I would love their book as well.  It’s a quick read and a good sized book.  Smaller than most books (easily fits in a purse or bag) but edgy with lots of color and short chapters.   I also like that it has insight from a lot of entrepreneurial thought leaders…tons of great advice.

Here’s what Amazon says:

Finally, a business book for makers, not managers.
Are you ready to “make a dent in the universe”? As a creative, you no longer have to take a backseat. In fact, stepping up and embracing entrepreneurship is the fastest route to impact. But where do you start? And what sets the businesses that succeed apart?
To find out, we asked the bright minds behind companies like Google X, Warby Parker, Facebook, O’Reilly Media, and more to share their startup wisdom. Featuring hard-won wisdom from twenty leading entrepreneurs and designers, 99U’s Make Your Mark will arm you with practical insights for launching a purpose-driven business, refining your product, delighting your customers, inspiring your team—and ultimately—making something that matters.

Friday Fab Four

image001How’s your Christmas shopping coming along?  Only two more weekends to get it done! Don’t stress, here are four great articles I chose just for you.

1. 4 Ways to Retain Gen Xers–Sylvia Ann Hewlitt {finally a great article about my generation!}

2. My Life in the Locker Room: A Female Sportswriter Remembers the Dicks–Jennifer Briggs {really entertaining}

3. Meet the Queen of King Size Bows–Hilary Burns {find a need, fill the need}

4. The 7 Attributes of CEOs Who Get Social Media–Ted Coine & Mark Babbitt {The CEOs who really embrace SM, will win}

**Bonus: 10 Companies Hiring Like Crazy in December–Kat Moon {Great to see companies growing and innovating}

Working from Coffee Shops

onyxNow that I am self-employed and soon to be working from home, I can spend more time in one of my favorite venues…coffee shops.  I love working from a coffee shop. Doesn’t matter, it can be a chain shop or locally owned, I love them all.  There’s this wonderful vibe in the air of entrepreneurism and free lancing spirit that I believe is contagious.

When I had a regular 8-5 job I would have meetings in coffee shops and look longingly at the folks who seemed to always work in coffee shops and be jealous of their ‘office.’ Now, coffee shops will be my office. What better place to call home than a clean, airy coffee shop that serves yummy hot beverages and pastries? I’m in!

I always have the best conversations in coffee shops as well.  It’s a more relaxed setting so the convos are uplifting, inspirational and laid-back.  Plus coffee shops are great places to network for new clients or services.  Just sitting quietly and listening to the deals and pitches makes me very happy.  Thank goodness for coffee shops…they allow everyone to feel at home.

Ironically, while I love coffee shops, I don’t drink coffee.  I love a hot cocoa with soy milk or decaf tea but I don’t drink caffeinated drinks so that rules out most coffee.  In fact, I haven’t had caffeine in 17 years so I missed the whole Starbucks explosion.  I have no idea what to order there or what any of the cool terms mean…grande, macchiatto, whip, latte,…all greek to me.  I usually just get a bottled water at SB.

Here are the shops I love in Northwest Arkansas and where you will likely find me in the coming months:

1. Starbucks, they are all great but the one on MLK in Fayetteville is my favorite.

2. Red Kite Coffee, at Crossover in Fayetteville, nice open space.

3. Onyx Coffee Lab, my fav is in Springdale but the Fayetteville one is good too.

4. Pressroom, in downtown Bentonville…great atmosphere.

5. Arsaga’s, on Dickson St in Fayetteville, perfect for hopping off the trail and resting.

6. Einstein Bagels, in Fayetteville is my favorite…yummy food too.

Do you like working from coffee shops? Which one is your favorite?



My Big News

IMG_5023I’ve got news…really big news.  At least it is big news to me and my friends and family.  But first, let me tell you a story.

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs…isn’t that word so fancy? Let me start over, I come from a long line of folks who worked their butts off everyday to make the family business work.

My great-great grandfather, Wylie Twiggs, opened a grocery story in my hometown of Gentry, AR.  He named it Twiggly Wiggly grocery store.  Is that not the best name ever? Well, there was one little problem.  The Piggly-Wiggly grocery chain was not amused and sent my great-great grandfather a letter saying, stop using Twiggly Wiggly, it is too close to Piggly Wiggly.  So, reluctantly he did and renamed his store Twiggs Grocery.

He then passed the store on to my great-grandfather, Faye Twiggs, who ran the grocery store for most of his adult life after a career building highways.  The store then became Twiggs IGA and was in downtown Gentry on Main Street.  His son, my granddad, Jim Twiggs, Sr,  worked in the store as a teen but left for the Navy after high school, then became a writer and lived in New York.

My dad, Jim Twiggs, Jr,  took over the family business when I was about 5 years old and ran Twiggs IGA for 20 years in Gentry. He grew the store and moved to a larger location (twice).  Growing up in the grocery store business is a pretty great way to grow up.  I got to roam the aisles on roller skates, play on the intercom system, participate in rotten biscuit wars and eat all the candy I wanted.   I learned so much from my dad about hard work, customer service and promotion following him around the store for all those years.  I think that’s probably when I caught the entrepreneur bug, I just didn’t know it yet.

All of the men in my family had their ups and downs in owning their own business.  However, one of the best things I can remember about my parents working for themselves was that they were always there for me.  They were at every one of my high school basketball games and they were at about 85% of my college basketball games (keep in mind those games were in the SEC…lots of driving).  Owning their own business gave them the freedom to be there for me.

Why tell you all of this ancient history?  Maybe you guessed it, my big news…I am starting my own business.   The Twiggs Group (pardon the landing page…masterpieces take time!) is a consulting firm specializing in marketing, strategy and social media.  At this time, it’s just little ole me, but someday I will grow it to a team of great people working hard for our clients.  The Twiggs Group will work with creative, fun and collaborative clients who want to strategically market and promote their business.  Our tag line: We tell the world about you.

I can’t tell you how excited  I am to embark on this adventure.  Most importantly, it will allow me the freedom to be there for my son and attend all of his basketball games now and in the future (for more on Spencer, check out my blog SportsMomma).

None of this would be possible without the incredible support from my husband.  He has not one time faltered from his unwavering spirit to help me.  I am truly blessed. The support from my son and my family and friends overwhelms me.

Now the hard work begins.  I look forward to the challenge and I can’t wait to work with my current clients and future clients on helping them grow their business.  You can reach me at or on Twitter @thetwiggsgroup.  Would love your help on follows and referrals.  If you know a business that needs social media management or marketing help, please let me know.


So honored to be mentioned in the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal:

Sudden Departure

by Northwest Arkansas Business Journal Editors

Did you know Rogers’ top tourism official has resigned?

Allyson Twiggs Dyer, executive director of Visit Rogers since October 2010, is leaving to launch her own marketing company, The Twiggs Group.

Dyer said she will stay on through at least mid-November to help with the transition of finding the next person to handle oversight and day-to-day duties of the organization.

Before coming to Rogers, Dyer — a Gentry native and basketball player at the University of Arkansas from 1990 to 1995 — was director of the Fayetteville Convention & Visitors Bureau for eight years.

Dyer said she will start her business from her residence in Fayetteville, with the ambition of opening an office near the downtown square in the future.

The change in occupation, she said, will afford her the flexibility to spend more time with her family, particularly with her son, a junior at Fayetteville High School and an aspiring college basketball player.

Visit Rogers, which receives funding from a 2-percent tax on hotel and motel rooms in the city, has an operating budget of $800,000. Its staff includes two full-time employees and one part-timer.