Friday Favorites

I know getting older isn’t everyone’s favorite past-time…but I do love a birthday! At this point inAT BLOG GRAPHIC my life, I am grateful for another healthy year to spend time with my family and friends…and besides, 44 is the new 30 right?  Thank you to everyone who made my birthday special on Wednesday!

And now, on to the favs:

☞ I have a few of these weird personality traits…thankfully!

☞ I love to work from home but once in awhile, I need to work around people.

☞ 5 Things No One Tells You About Being a Girl Boss…#2 especially.

15 Ways to package chocolate…yum, yum.

☞ More ways to be effective working from home.

Facebook really does make birthdays more fun!

I haven’t been home on my birthday in about 4 years, thanks to a basketball tournament in Las Vegas…so tonight, I look forward to (being home) celebrating with friends!

Have a great weekend.


Friday Favorites

AT BLOG GRAPHICHello, Friday Friends! What’s the best thing that happened to you this week? Well, I have news…I have accepted an Executive in Residence (fancy) position at the University of Arkansas…meaning I’ll be teaching Destination Marketing to juniors and seniors this Fall at the U!

I’m super excited for the opportunity and along with growing TTG…I’ll be too busy to think about my empty nest. (sad face emoji)

Now let’s get to the favorites:

☞ When you get big like Lebron, You need to give big like Lebron. 

☞ I need to journal more….maybe I can find 10 minutes to micro-journal. 

☞ You know I love carpool karaoke…FLOTUS loves to rock out in the car. 

Being mindful about the words we use…good stuff!

☞ I love Bitmoji and I love Snapchat and now they are together. (join me on Snapchat: ? allysontwiggs)

You will want to follow these ladies on Facebook, like yesterday. (insert belly laughs)

Enjoy your weekend!


What is Snapchat?

What Is Snapchat-Snapchat has become one of the most talked about and used social media platforms over the past few months. It started out being most popular with millennials, but has gained popularity recently with Gen Xers and businesses.
While there are a lot of people who use Snapchat, not many fully understand all of its capabilities. (Some people..cough cough parents…still think its used for sexting) and that is totally not the case!
Over the next few weeks I will share a few tips that I’ve found that make the experience of the app much better.
The History: Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown created and launched Snapchat originally as “Pictaboo” with their friend Bobby Murphy in the summer of 2011.
After Murphy left over monetary disputes, Brown and Spiegel changed the name officially to Snapchat in the fall of 2011. By the following spring, Snapchat had grown to over 100,000 users. From that moment on Snapchat began to grow into one of the most used, and interesting platforms on social media.
The Basics: Snapchat is an app where people can send pictures or videos back and forth with friends or family and after they view them the picture/video “disappears.”
Snapchat users can also:
  • post pictures/videos to their story
  • send personal text messages to friends
  • share fun emojis
  • use different lenses on their camera
  • add geotags (a fancy way to share your location)
IMG_6619A person’s story is much like a Facebook or Instagram feed. Meaning you can post different pictures or videos to your story and all of your followers can view it. But…there’s a catch! The pictures and videos only last for 24 hours, so you better check it regularly!
With all of these fun ways to send pictures and videos, its no wonder Snapchat generates around 9,000 snaps per second!

Friday Favorites 2.26.16

TTG SMM (1)It’s the last Friday in February…can you believe it? We’ve enjoyed such wonderful weather here in Northwest Arkansas this month…I think winter might be done with us. Once I see a daffodil, and I’ve seen plenty, it’s Spring in my mind.

As you know, this is where I compile all the things that turned my head this week.  I hope you enjoy my favorite items and have a great weekend!

Are you following a famous animal on Instagram?

All the Single Ladies…

The 10 Facebook emojis we really needed…I still want a ‘dislike’ button.

Have you KonMari’d yet? I started some and need to finish.

I worked from my local library this week…There’s something special about working in a quiet space, surrounded by natural light and books.




Get a ‘Handle’ on Your Social Media

Remember when email first came out…no? Let me tell you how it went down…AOL was one of social media tip, handlesthe first email providers that everyone jumped on board with…mostly thanks to the movie You’ve Got Mail.  (We all wanted to hear those 3 little words.)

Way back in those days (the 90’s) my friends and I would try to think up the most clever email handle…not our names mind you but something clever and cute.  Like mine might have been  Others might have been catlover1973@aol, babyblueeyes@…you get my drift.

It did not occur to us to use our actual name because email was new and exciting and our names were boring!

Fast forward to the social media age…we should have learned from those early days that our handles SHOULD be our name and not some cute moniker, we give ourselves.  However, I still see many folks on social media making this mistake.

Facebook pretty much forces you to use your full name…so your 9th grade boyfriend can look you up and facebook stalk your page! Other social platforms, like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat give you the ability to be as creative as you’d like with your handle.  Resist this urge, I beg you!

Your Twitter, Instagram, Et al. handle should be your name if you want to grow your account and increase engagement.  People have a hard time trusting an account that is @babyblueeyes…who is that? And if you’re profile photo isn’t your photo (which it should be)…then it’s really hard to figure out who just followed me on Instagram.  Social Media is about being social and engaging with human beings…so use your name or something close to your name for your handles.

The same is true for your business accounts.  Maybe you make the best pies in town but if your handle is @bestpiesintown, that doesn’t tell me who the business is…save the “best pies in town” for your bio. Your handle should be @yourbusinessname.

I see this mistake with student-athletes all the time.  They have cute handles that pertain to their prowess in the sport they play…which is fun, but when a coach is trying to find them (and they are) on social media…the student-athlete is better off using their name as their handle.

If your name is Bob Smith…I realize you are most likely not going to get @bobsmith…but you can get creative and add a number that means something to you or you can try something like, @bob_smith.

My Instagram and Twitter handles are @allysontwiggs and @thetwiggsgroup…would love to connect with you there!


What Brands Get Wrong on Social Media

It’s safe to say that successful businesses have a phone number for customers to use and either asocial media tip, engage brick and mortar location or an e-commerce option for customers.  I would guess that almost all businesses answer their phone regularly, answer emails and greet customers who walk through their door.  Excellent customer service!

So, why is it then that when I mention a business on social media, I get crickets? No response, no love, no bueno.

If a business has a Facebook page, Twitter account or any other social media profile…they should treat these platforms the same as they would a ringing phone.  Customers are using social media now more than ever to ask questions, check in, or recommend businesses…but many times businesses are ignoring them.  And quite possibly losing customers in the process.

Social media management is a full-time job for any business but it’s not just a one-way communication tool.  Businesses who are successful at social media management not only post relevant content but they also listen and respond to customers.  If a customer mentions that they are so excited to dine at their favorite restaurant that night…that restaurant needs to respond and thank the customer for being a loyal fan.  It’s not rocket science…it’s customer service.

My company handles social media management for businesses and we make sure that we respond as quickly as possible to customer engagement.  It’s also important to spend time each day on social media to ‘show the love’ on social media.  Each day, get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and like posts, tweets, and photos.  Not only will this be good will for your business…but it’s another way to get your business name out there.

Need help on improving your social media engagement?  Here are a few tips:

  • Pay attention:  Seems easy enough, but you need to look at your social media accounts every day.
  • Set notifications: On your smartphone, set your notifications for your business accounts so it dings you when someone mentions you on social media.
  • Use a social media monitoring software: There are lots of monitoring apps but I like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite
  • Hire The Twiggs Group: We are happy to help you manage your social media accounts and not only engage and listen but also help you grow your business with social media promotion.

Just remember, more and more customers are using social media to interact with their favorite brands/businesses…make sure your brand/business is taking the necessary steps to respond and engage with these customers.  Be Social!

Friday Fab Four

IMG_6128Happy first day of May! Can you believe May is already here?  We are 1/4 of the way through the year…scary.  Here are the four best articles I read this week and thought you would like them as well.  We are home this weekend and I plan to plant flowers, visit the farmers market, hit the trail and relax. Have a wonderful weekend.

1. You Are Not Your Job–Alyson Madrigan {hard to remember sometimes, but very true}

2. Avoid Regret with a Weekly Work/Life Check-In–Brandon Kidwell {wow, this one got to me}

3. Simple Rules for Healthy Eating–Aaron E. Carroll {not rocket science but a good reminder}

4. Casting Early Presidential Vote through Facebook by Clicking ‘Unfollow’–Nick Corasaniti {It’s about that time where many voice opinions on facebook that you don’t want to see!}

Hey Brands, Pay Attention!

megaphone manDo you get frustrated when you tweet or facebook a brand and they ignore you?  I get frustrated too.   Social Media is not a one way street especially for brands. If a consumer tweets a brand, good or bad, the brand needs to respond in some form or fashion.

Many times, I will tweet an article about a brand and tag the brand with a positive congrats or message—–>crickets.  It surprises me every time.  Not all brands, but a lot of them are totally missing the boat.  I’m not saying I need an ‘atta girl’ every time I mention a brand, but a favorite would be nice. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, 90% of consumers would recommend a brand after interacting with them on social media.  Ninety percent, people! On the flip side, brands fail to respond 75% of the time on Twitter and 85% on Facebook.  This unacceptable.

Look, I’m the first one to tell you that social media management is not easy and I do it for a living.  I constantly stay on top of my client’s accounts all day, every day, so as not to miss a customer interaction.  Brands need a person or team dedicated to this everyday as well.  Social media does not take time off, ever.

The marketplace is so competitive now and brands can’t afford to overlook anyone.  There are brands doing this very well, Southwest Airlines, Garrett’s Popcorn, Chipotle, etc and they have huge social media teams that monitor their social media 24 hours a day.

For those brands who are not monitoring, they are really missing a key component to the B2C relationship.  Consumers are human and they want to be treated like a human being even by a brand. If a brand can accomplish this well, they will build loyalty with the customer.

For those brands spending millions of dollars on ads and marketing…as this article will tell you, it’s about loyalty.  Ads don’t create loyalty. If you want loyalty, thank your customers on social media.

Have you interacted with a brand on social media? Was it a positive or negative experience?

My Christmas Wish List

My ChristmasIt’s that time of year when everyone is in good cheer and Santa is checking his list…twice! So, in the spirit of Christmas, I thought I would make my own special Christmas list.  So without further ado, these are the things that would make me smile like the Grinch this Christmas.

1. The ability to easily switch from one account to another in Instagram….please, please make this happen.

2. To find an iPhone 6, 64g in Silver…apparently it is easier to find Waldo than this particular phone.

3. For Facebook to just leave everything alone already…no more algorithms, no more policy changes, just leave it be.

4. For Twitter to once and for all demolish bots…I just love when @Suz789$M follows me and has 2 followers and follows 10k.  Good times.

5. Sharpies, lots and lots of sharpies in every style and color.  (The Hubs got me a stainless steel sharpie this year and I LOVE it.)

6. An Evernote scanner…my friend Beth has one and I am seriously coveting that thing.

7. For people/companies to stop with the automatic direct message on Twitter…be original!

8. To put an end to voice mail.

9. For my airdrop feature to work 100% of the time.

10. World Peace.

What’s on your Christmas List this year?grinch_smile_by_zhirafik21-d36m6g0

Social Resume

When was the last time you applied for a new job? (It’s ok, I won’t rat you out.) I bet you got your resume all spiffy’d up and wrote a wonderful cover letter.  Both great things to do when applying for a job…but how’s your social resume? Are you on LinkedIn? Is your profile up to date and completely filled out? Do you have a professional headshot from this decade? Is your twitter bio something professional or is it something silly and ridiculous? I have news for you…potential employers going to see it. All of it.

Today when you apply for a job, I would bet 8 out of 10 times the employer googles your name and checks your social resume. I do this when I hire people.  Mostly, I want to see if the person has a social footprint and get an idea of their personality through their tweets or articles they share on LinkedIn.

I’m not saying that you have to be on all social media platforms to get a job…well unless it’s a marketing job.  What I am saying is that if you are on social media and you do want a new job…make sure your social resume is as tended to as your actual resume.

LinkedIn is essentially your online resume, so make sure you have filled in as much of it as you can.  Ask colleagues to write recommendations for you so that employers can read a reference on you before calling your references. Be sure and add your civic duties like boards you serve on and also awards you’ve won.  All of this makes you look even more appealing to an employer.

If you are active on Facebook or Twitter, make sure that your bio isn’t unprofessional and that your user name makes sense.  I see people with handles like “@sexykitten2002” or “@alwaysonvacation” and maybe those aren’t the best handles for landing that big accounting job.

Finally, (and this my friends is my biggest pet peeve) always have a headshot in your social media profiles.  There’s nothing worse than seeing the egg on Twitter or a blank spot on LinkedIn where there should be a beautiful photograph of YOU.

Some would argue with me that they should be able to do whatever they want on social media and I would absolutely agree…unless you want to get a job in the 21st Century.  Everything we do on social media is OUT THERE…FOREVER.  So, we don’t have the luxury anymore of saying what we want on social media unless of course we are independently wealthy.

Here are a few resources to help:

Why You Need a Social Resume and How to Build One

How to Write a Damn Good LinkedIn Profile 

7 Tips for Using Social Media to Get a Job