Friday Favorites Blog graphicWhat a week! We drove to Batesville twice this week to see the boy play basketball…and while I loved every minute of watching him play in his first college basketball games…I am a zombie today.

So here’s the goods…enjoy!

☞ I want to try a meditation studio…luckily there’s one in my city.

☞ 10 foods we should eat more of...and I love them all.

☞ Great tips for when you have to give a presentation.

☞ I found some truth in this…women lie to each other about work.

How to use your calendar to be more effective…I can’t live without my Passion Planner.

☞ Updating your resume? These templates are really cool.

Finally, I’m not a Cubs fan but I think we all needed the reminder that dreams do come true. Congratulations to all the true Cubs deserve to celebrate.