Friday Fab Four 9.25.15

FallFridayFabFourAccording to the calendar…Fall is officially here! Unleash everything pumpkin flavored. Hope you had a great week.  I read a lot of great articles this week but felt like these four made the cut.  Have a great weekend.

  1. 10 Best Email Signature Design Case Studies~Mary Stribley {no more boring email sigs!}
  2. 7 Things I learned about Gmail Working at Google~Rodolphe Dutel {some really good tips in this article}
  3. Fixing Our Unhealthy Obsession with Work Email~Maura Thomas {just say no}
  4. Netflix Data Reveals Exactly When TV Shows Hook Viewers-And It’s Not the Pilot~Todd Spangler

When Twitter Bites

Have you ever posted something on social media then later regretted the post?  Maybe  you offended someone, misspelled a word or should’ve counted to ten before tweeting about your bad experience at the new trendy restaurant…it happens to everyone.

There are articles written weekly about companies and people screwing up on social media by posting something stupid or insensitive.  I feel like eventually people will learn, but no we are all humans and humans make mistakes everyday.

The NBA Draft was last Thursday and several young men became millionaires and discovered their new team and home city.  It’s a joyous night for these men and their families…hard work paid off and all that.  Most of the draftees are 19-22 years old…very young men thrust into the immediate spotlight.

That spotlight now includes a deep dive into their social media posts.  As Larry Nance, Jr and Bobby Portis learned…tweets from three years ago were found and exposed.


Ouch! And guess what? He got drafted by the Lakers…home of Kobe Bryant!


And Bobby was drafted by the Bulls!



I’m not sure you could make this up if you tried.  While the tweets are unfortunate for the two players, it’s a reminder to think about what you post on social media. {especially if you plan to play a pro sport one day…the sports gods have a real sense of humor!} Hopefully the rookie hazing won’t be too bad for these two…can’t blame Bobby for being a Heat fan! The other guy might be in for a rough time though.

There’s a small movement of ‘tweet deleters’ who believe you should delete tweets because Twitter is ‘in the moment’ and tweets should not live on…much like Snapchat’s popular platform for vanishing the image after a few seconds.  I can see how this could catch on for tweets.

I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night much less what I tweeted in 2012! Hence why I try very hard to make sure that my tweets don’t come back to bite me in the ass.

Just a while back, someone tweeted me about a tweet of mine from last year; supporting a friend in an elected race.  The person was challenging my support of my friend by retweeting my old 2014 tweet. This is possible now by searching Twitter or using Google search. I’m not ashamed of the tweet but it’s an example of how if someone is looking for something specific, they can now find it in your social media posts.

Remember, you don’t have to run for public office or be a pro athlete to have your social media posts searched…most employers do this now before hiring someone.  So, keep it positive and friendly!



Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432Happy First Day of Spring and happy Friday! March Madness has begun and I hope your brackets are still in tact.  Here are four great articles I handpicked for you today.

1. Why Google Doesn’t Care About College Degrees, In 5 Quotes–Gregory Ferenstein {Good for Google}

2. 50 Life Changing Motivational Quotes Posters–Mary Stribley {beautiful design work and great messages}

3. A Beginner’s Guide to the Secret Language of Airport Runways–Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan {My Uncle Hal knows this language well…I thought this was fascinating}

4. When H&R Block Realized ‘Get Your Billions Back’ Catchphrase Would go Viral–Hilary Burns {great example of a company taking a marketing risk and winning}

The Friday Fab Four

image001Here are four articles I found interesting this week.

1. What No One Ever Told You about Work-Life Balance–Michael Hyatt

2. 27 Ways to Get More Sh*t Done–Laura Schwechrl (Love #25)

3. Google Hires A Star-Studded Team of Hackers to Fix the Internet–Jay McGregor (What won’t Google do?)

4. 4 Things You Thought Were True About Managing Millennials–Amy Gall0