Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432Another glorious Friday is here…these seem to be coming around fast! (Must slow down time.)  Here are four great articles I read this week and thought you might like them as well.

1. Salary Ceiling for Women Only?–Jake New {this article disturbs me a great deal…if the system is broken then fix the system…women should not suffer from Title IX}

2. 8 Things Happy People Do Every Morning–Naomi Teeter {I want to get better at meditating}

3. 5 Tech Trends that will Dominate CES 2015–Pete Pachal {Love the idea of the smart home}

4. Learning to Shun the Instagram Life–Carl Richards {If you only read one article this week, make it this one.  So much goodness.  #BeHappy}

Friday Fab Four

image001Happy (black) Friday! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Here are the best four articles I read this week.

1. Why Giving is the Best Metric for Success–Shane Snow {absolutely agree}

2. The Secret Life of Passwords–Ian Urbina {fascinating}

3. Four Ways Giving Thanks Improves Your Life–Michael Hyatt {I experience this everyday!}

4. Thanksgiving and the Power of Gratitude–Jacob Shriar {be grateful everyday}

Giving Thanks

Give ThanksThanksgiving is upon us and it’s always a great reminder to give thanks in our lives.  I try very hard to give thanks every day of the year but this week really puts it on notice.  I am a huge believer in the power of gratitude and I believe in giving thanks not only for the blessings in our lives but also to give thanks to the people in our lives.  Do we say thank you enough to the people who really matter to us?  I hope we do.  Do we say thank you enough to those people on the peripheral of our lives, postmen, wait staff, nurses, retail clerks, mechanics etc? Probably not, but we need to.

Here are a few ideas for giving thanks:

1. A handwritten note: I cannot say it enough…taking the time to write a note in your own unique and special handwriting, is a gift all by itself.  Throw in beautiful stationery and you’ve really made someone smile.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort to write a note of thanks from the heart.

2. Give a great book: When you read a really good book do you think of the people in your life who would enjoy the book as well?  Then make it a habit to either pass along the book or buy a new one for someone who would really benefit from the message in the book.  I love to give books as gifts.  Include a thankful message inside the book and it’s the perfect way to give thanks.

3. Pay it forward: We were recently in our favorite brunch spot, The Farmer’s Table, and we learned that the folks before us bought our breakfast.  This was such a treat! We decided to keep it going and buy the next person’s breakfast as well.  In line at Starbucks, or drive through at McDonald’s, make yourself happy by paying for the person or car behind you.  When you have a really great wait person…tip a little more, especially during the holidays.  This is a great way to give thanks.

What are your favorite ways to give thanks?

Wish Lists

If you know me or have read even a few of my blog posts you know that I am a huge believer in showing gratitude.  I have many gratitude journals, lists and gratitude practices.  Almost everyday on the drive to work or home I do a 10 finger gratitude list.  Yep, it’s very scientific, you count on your ten fingers ten things you are grateful for that day.

Much of my gratitude is about what I am grateful for in my life.  The other day I was writing about how grateful I am for my circle of girlfriends and how much they mean to me.  I started thinking about what I would ‘wish’ for them…what does each of my girlfriends need in their lives and could I send this to them through gratitude.  So…I started a list in Evernote called “Wishes for my Girlfriends” and I write down each of their names and put a wish into the universe for them.  It was very refreshing to think about gratitude for someone else and make a wish for their happiness.

Here are examples:

My wish for (insert name) is for her to follow her dreams.  No matter how big or small, I want her to take the road less traveled, step off the edge and focus on her true north.  I want (insert name) to be immensely happy.

My wish for (insert name) is vision.  I want her to always know something great is out there for her and that she’s making a difference everyday even when she doesn’t think so.

I cannot tell you how good this felt.  I always feel great after doing a gratitude exercise, but there was something about making wishes for someone other than myself that felt even more gratifying.  I encourage you to give this a try, it can be really uplifting for you.  I have only shared my wishes with a couple of my girlfriends, for the most part, I want it to be my secret.  Just someone out there wishing great things for their life without them knowing it.

Friday Fab Four

image001Happy first Friday of October…one of my favorite months. Here are four pretty cool articles for you to read.

1. You Deserve a Pre-Cation–Will Oremus (Wow, this is an amazing perk)

2. The 10 Tech Terms You’re Mixing Up–Adda Birnir (This was great and I learned a thing or two)

3. 10 Words You Must Never use to Describe Yourself–Greg Savage (I’m off to erase ‘rock star’ from all my bios. lol)

4. 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Reduce Stress and Restore Your Sanity–Michael Hyatt (gratitude!)


Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

thank youThank you for reading my blog post today, I really appreciate it.

In this crazy, busy society that we are all living in now, I think there are times when we forget to stop and say “thank you.”

Ok, confession time.  I LOVE the book, The Secret.  eek! Did I just admit that publicly? Yes, I did.  That book changed me and changed the way I perceived the world and my future.  I either write down or recite (in the car) what I am grateful for every single day.  It is so important to me.  Plus I have specific instances where this practice of gratitude and intention has brought me an abundance of blessings…in fact, I am married to the man of my dreams all because I set my intentions on meeting him.

I will save that sappy story for another time. Thanking someone for doing a favor for you is showing gratitude to that person and it is a positive action.  I truly believe the more gratitude you show and the more positive action you put out, the more wonderful things come your way.

Lately, I’ve been sort of blown away by the lack of thank yous in my life.  In the last month, I have directly found jobs for two people and neither one thanked me for the favor nor did they tell me they got the job…someone else told me.  I find this so strange…not that I particularly need a thank you, but I’m so surprised they didn’t think it was appropriate to thank me. I would never allow someone to do a favor for me without not only thanking them in person but also sending a handwritten note.

I deal with people every week who don’t say thank you for anything I do for them and then they wonder why I am less eager to help them in the future.  It’s just common decency really…be nice and say thank you.  I find that a simple thank you in the office keeps relationships running smoothly.  The minute you take someone for granted or the job they do for granted, the relationship becomes strained.  This isn’t important only in the office, this can easily happen with those people closest to you.  Spouses, children, parents…we can’t take them for granted either. A thank you goes a long way!


“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” Meister Eckhart


The Friday Fab Four

Here are four articles I found interesting this week.

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1. Scientific Reasons Why You Should Have Walking Meetings–Jacob Shriar (LOVE this idea…I’ve had walking meetings, need to have more!)

2. The Only 7 Things We Truly Can Control in Life–and How to Rock Them All–Catherine Goldberg (#3 is my favorite…gratitude)

3. Why Cyclists Should be Able to Roll Through Stop Signs–Joseph Stromberg (I see this a lot where I live, now I know why!)

4. The Importance of Saying Thank You–Rene Shimada Siegel