Friday Favorites 5.6.16 Blog graphicHappy Friday, friends! Today is the last day of high school for my son…to say I’m a little emotional would be an understatement!

What an amazing milestone for him…I remember being a high school senior, I was ready to tackle the world.  Little did I know, the world would tackle me right back.  I survived it with flying colors and he will too…this mama is just not ready to let go.

So, today is not particularly a ‘favorite’ for me but I did find a few good things to share.

☞ I’m a sucker for these Habits for Happiness lists but this is a good one.

☞ Need to relax? There’s an app for that. 

☞ I am loving Snapchat…these features would make me love it more. 

☞ I’m here to tell you, miracles do happen. Please take a moment to read about Baby Eden.

My son signed his letter of intent this week to play basketball for Lyon College…it was a great day! Go Scots!


Friday Fab Four 7.10.15

Friday Fab FourAnother Friday is here and I am still talking about all the rain! This is the most interesting summer weather I’ve experienced in a long time.  Summer rains are great for hanging out on the patio and reading great articles…so here are four for you to read on your patio, deck, porch or wherever you like to relax.

1. A Food Truck Isn’t Just About the Food. It’s the Truck Too~Christina Scotti {i love a food truck!}

2. The 10 Best Hotels in the World~Melanie Lieberman {wow…would love to visit them all}

3. The Pope Released 10 Tips for Becoming a Happier Person~Mbiyimoh Ghogomu {I really love this Pope}

4. One Woman in the Boardroom Isn’t Enough. Here’s Why~Emily Peck {really great insight on this topic}

Friday Fab Four

IMG_6128Happy Friday, friends! I hope you had a fun and productive week…I certainly did.  I read so many great articles this week, it was tough to pick only 4…but here you go!

1. One Company’s New Minimum Wage: $70,000 a year–Patricia Cohen {What a bold move, I hope it pays off for the CEO ten fold}

2. The Messy Business of Reinventing Happiness-Austin Carr {long article but so fascinating to learn about Disney’s long, difficult process to create their magic bands}

3. Where the Hotel is the Experience–Hither & Thither {last week I posted the Fast Company article she mentions…I want to go to Vietnam…like yesterday}

4. 7 Reasons You Should Care About Your Personal Branding–Jeremy Goldman {So important, I am helping clients now enhance their personal brand}