Friday Favorites 2.5.16 Blog graphicWow this week flew by for me…busy, busy.  I hope your week was productive and filled with joy. Here are a few things I found this week that made me laugh or think.  Enjoy and Happy Super Bowl 50!

It’s like Uber but…

Ok Fine, I’ll Learn Snapchat

Time to Declutter My Phone Screen

I’ve Got to Get A Mirror Like This



San Fran is a tough town for trucks!

Photo credit: Kurt Varner

Photo credit: Kurt Varner


Airing of Grievances

Happy Festivus! As a devoted Seinfeld lover, I had to write a blog post about my airing of wishing you all agrievances…and there are so many but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.  I hope you will join me by adding a few of your grievances in the comment section below! Without further ado…

  1. Instagram…why won’t you hurry up and let us toggle between accounts already?  I hear it’s in beta but enough already.
  2. The entire political season…it’s too long, too full of hyperbole and too many people are trying to become President.  This is not the Miss Universe pageant, folks!
  3. Perfume, Car and Drug commercials…how many of these ads must we be subject to each day? I try not to watch live tv but when I do it’s all perfume, trucks and pharma!
  4. Reclining your seat on airplanes…listen, that 2 inches of recline does not make a difference in how your flight is but it makes a huge difference in how mine is when you are reclined in my lap!
  5. Auto-correct…if my iPhone is so darn smart, then why doesn’t it realize I’m not trying to type DUCK and that I live in the south…I type y’all A LOT…figure it out.
  6. Siri…please just understand the words coming out of mouth!
  7. Public restrooms…why do the cracks between the doors have to be so large and how many different flush mechanisms and automatic sinks do they make in this world?
  8. Credit Card Machines…why isn’t there one universal credit card machine with universal questions? I just want to check out!
  9. Reply-All,  I hate that some people use reply-all to show what a suck up they are.
  10. Netflix…don’t ask me if I’m still watching…I already feel bad enough that I’ve been watching for 3 hours straight.

Bonus From the Hubs: Left Lane is for passing (only) and Turn Lanes are not for merging.

That’s all for now…I hope you have time to air your grievances…it feels good! Merry Christmas, friends.

Friday Fab Four 10.9.15

FallFridayFabFourIs this the best day of the work week or what? Where I live, the fall weather has been amazing…cool mornings and warm afternoons…I love it.  This week was hectic but I still found time to curate a few articles just for you.  I hope you enjoy reading them and have a wonderful weekend!

  1. Is Your Morning Routine Holding You Back~Chris Danilo {a great reminder to protect your mornings from stressful takeovers}
  2. 7 Ways to be Debt-Free the Rest of Your Life~Daniel Ally {your relationship with money…how you think about and talk about money, it all matters}
  3. A Private Peek at the HomeScreens of Top Marketers~Kevan Lee {it’s fun to look at how other folks set up their homescreen and good for new app ideas!}
  4. 20 Amazing Office Spaces that will Blow Your Mind~Jenny Haeg {i have serious office space envy}

Since it’s Friday…here’s a bonus for you.  A little goody I found, thanks to Dave Pell’s Next Draft.

My Christmas Wish List

My ChristmasIt’s that time of year when everyone is in good cheer and Santa is checking his list…twice! So, in the spirit of Christmas, I thought I would make my own special Christmas list.  So without further ado, these are the things that would make me smile like the Grinch this Christmas.

1. The ability to easily switch from one account to another in Instagram….please, please make this happen.

2. To find an iPhone 6, 64g in Silver…apparently it is easier to find Waldo than this particular phone.

3. For Facebook to just leave everything alone already…no more algorithms, no more policy changes, just leave it be.

4. For Twitter to once and for all demolish bots…I just love when @Suz789$M follows me and has 2 followers and follows 10k.  Good times.

5. Sharpies, lots and lots of sharpies in every style and color.  (The Hubs got me a stainless steel sharpie this year and I LOVE it.)

6. An Evernote scanner…my friend Beth has one and I am seriously coveting that thing.

7. For people/companies to stop with the automatic direct message on Twitter…be original!

8. To put an end to voice mail.

9. For my airdrop feature to work 100% of the time.

10. World Peace.

What’s on your Christmas List this year?grinch_smile_by_zhirafik21-d36m6g0

How to Leave the Perfect Voice Mail Message

answeringMachineDON’T.  I absolutely despise voice mails.

I’m not really sure when my hatred for this time wasting event started…I remember a time when voice mails were my life, circa 1991.  I would race back to my dorm room to see if my answering machine had a blinking light…if it did, it usually meant a boy had called me.  {sigh}

Today however…if I see on my iPhone that I have a voice mail…I am not a happy camper.  Almost all of my friends know better than to leave me a vm because a. I have either told them not to or b. I don’t listen to their voice mail ever, i.e. sending them the message that I don’t do voice mails.   I can see that you called my phone so to me that implies, “call me back.”  I don’t need someone to leave me a message just to say “call me back.”  I get it!

If you really want to get me fired up…leave me a voice message and say “Call me back, I have a question for you.” ——What?? What is the question?? If you are going to go ahead and waste time by leaving the message, go ahead and tell me why you are calling…specifically. Do people think this air of mystery will make me want to call them back quicker? I usually just text back and say “what is your question?”

One of my all time favorite movies is Swingers (I have a huge crush on Vince Vaughn), in this movie, Jon Favreau, leaves several voice messages on a girl’s answering machine…just painful to watch.  I found this great article that talks about voice mail and this particular movie scene. 

So all kidding aside, sort of…if you must leave a voice mail, here are a few tips:

1. State your name clearly and repeat your phone number at least twice.

2. State the reason for your call and the reason you need that person to call you back.

3. Keep it simple and to the point.

4. Try really hard not to leave a voice mail!