Friday Favorites 8.19.16

AT BLOG GRAPHICHello, Friday Friends! I hope you had a good week.  This was my first empty nest week and well…I’m not ready to talk about that yet. ?

I am very excited to start teaching Destination Marketing next week at the University of Arkansas on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Being on campus in the Fall….that is definitely one of my favorite things!

Now, on to the good stuff:

Ways to optimize your computer for productivity…I really need some of these tools!

☞ Need to boost your creativity outside the office? Work from a coffee shop. 

☞ Have you ever thought about utilizing a co-working space?

Marketing Pros share their best advice for entrepreneurs. 

☞ They had me at Ikea!

And…I’m still not ready to talk about it…but here’s a picture right before we left Spencer at Lyon College.  (sigh)




Friday Fab Four 12.11.15

TTG Fab 4 DecI hope you had a great week.  The weather here in Northwest Arkansas has been wonderful…I was in NYC on Tuesday and Wednesday and the weather there was good as well. I’ll take warm sunshine in December anytime!  Here are the four best articles I chose just for you. Enjoy!

  1. How to Communicate Your Personal Brand on Twitter~Peg Fitzpatrick {great tips in this article for enhancing your twitter account}
  2. We’re Coming for You 2016~Susannah Conway {Great information for planning your new year}
  3. Reggie Miller Sizes Up Steph Curry~Charles Bethea {just not enough ink to write about SC’s talent}
    1. 5 Frugal Habits of the World’s Richest People~Murray Newlands {I cannot cut my own hair!}

Friday Fab Four

Friday Fab FourHello Friends! Another Friday has arrived, therefore it is time for me to choose the best four articles I read this week to share with you! Enjoy and have a great weekend.

1. How to Create the Most Productive Office Space~Kathleen Hale {cluttered space…cluttered minds}

2. 8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8am~Benjamin Hardy {such a great reminder of what’s important}

3. 8 Extraordinary Social Media Facts about Lebron James~Jason Parks {Interesting…he has serious influence}

4. What Marketers and Designers Can Teach Each Other~Russ Perry {this is so good…lucky that I work with a great designer!}

Are Your Social Media Bios Blank?


My Twitter Bio

Are your social media bios up to date and thoroughly filled out? If not, then you need to stop what you are doing right now and get to it!

A couple of years ago I was in one of Crystal Washington‘s social media presentations and I think she said it best: “If your doorbell rang and you went to the door but could not see anyone through the peep hole, would you still answer the door?”  I think most everyone would say no they would not answer the door.  Crystal says this is what it’s like not having a photo or any information about you in your bio.  (for Pete’s sake, please don’t use the Twitter egg for your bio picture!)

Your bio should be…wait for it…about you! Simple but detailed and to the point.  I like bios that say what the person does but also what the person is passion about as well.  For Twitter, its great to use a few hashtags like #marketing professional or #edtech designer…this will help people find you on Twitter based on those hashtags.   Remember, you only get 160 characters for your Twitter bio so you might have to be clever if you need to say a lot in your bio.

A great photo is important to make a social media bio really stand out.  Try your very best not to take a selfie in the car or from your computer camera…you can find a friend to help you get a great head shot, trust me! Once you have the photo you want, use the same head shot in all your bios to show consistency with your personal brand.  Also, don’t forget the heading photo as well.  This is a great place to either showcase your business or use a photo of your favorite city but don’t leave it blank! It’s another opportunity to tell people about you.  I used to have the skyline of NYC in my header (because I love NYC and hope to move there someday) but now I have a header of my business logo.

Finally, if you change jobs be sure and immediately go update all your social bios.  I think it’s so strange when I see that someone has a new job but their LinkedIn profile still says the old job.  Your social media bios are your social resume, be sure people know what you do and where they can find you.

So to recap:

  1. Fill out your social media bio completely including information about you, add your website or blog and your location…if you feel this is a privacy issue, just say USA or Earth!
  2. Use a great head shot for your bio pic and be sure and add a photo to the header when appropriate, like on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Make sure your bios and photos are consistent on all your platforms.
  4. Have fun with your bio, don’t make it too buttoned up…even if you are a CFO you probably still do something for fun!

Still need more help with your bios, this article is great at providing guidance, love that Buffer blog!

Thought Leaders

Are you ever just completely amazed by all the information ‘out there’ in the world? You can google any problem or issue and voilá someone is an expert, someone has been through your exact problem and solved it.   If you need ideas or suggestions for better meetings, employee reviews, marketing, job descriptions, strategic plans, it is literally all out there on the world wide web. This makes me very happy.  I read 10-15 articles or blog posts every day…I cannot soak up enough knowledge.  Which is why I post my Fab Four articles each Friday…I want you to read great stuff each week as well.

Here are five thought leaders that I like and read weekly and I think you will like as well, so I provided a few details about each one so you can check them out.

1. Michael Hyatt: Forbes ranked him one of the top 10 online marketing experts to follow in 2014.  His weekly e-mails are wonderful and informative.  Besides marketing, he also talks a lot about leadership and personal development.

Twitter: @michaelhyatt 229k followers

2. Scott Berkun: I finished reading his book The Year Without Pants and it was wonderful.  Scott is a thoughtful writer and provides great insight to career planning and leadership. And he’s one of my favorites not only for his great material but he also commented on my blog once! (so cool!)

Twitter: @berkun 22k followers

3. Alexandra Franzen: Need a kick in the butt? She will deliver! Inspiring, motivational and intentional.  I love everything she writes. She has a passion for teaching the art of writing but she also talks a lot about communication.  Just a delight.

Twitter: @alex_franzen 13k followers

4. Kevan Lee, The Buffer Blog: By far, one of the best blogs out there in my opinion on all things social media and marketing.  Kevan really does his homework and provides great content everyday.

Twitter: @kevanlee 7k followers

5. Jacqueline Wolven: I’m proud to say I know Jackie personally.  Her posts are inspiring and many times she will say those things that most people are afraid to say, which I love about her.  She provides marketing, branding and social media expertise but she also writes about simple lifestyles and doing good work.

Twitter: @jackiewolven 3.8k followers

So, you might ask, how do I keep up with all these folks and all the articles? Here’s how I do it.

1. Pocket: I obviously have a full time job and I am a wife and mom so I can’t read every great article in the moment, so I save them to Pocket for reading later.

2. Buffer: When I find a great article, I want to share them with the world, so I tweet them.  Again, I am busy and can’t tweet on the go so I buffer content and Buffer schedules all of my tweets. I know you thought I was on Twitter 24/7 but I’m not.

3. Feedly: I love to blog but even more I love to follow and read great blogs so I use feedly to follow all my favorite bloggers and read their posts when I have a free moment throughout the day.  Plus from Feedly I can Pocket or Buffer my favorite posts.

4. Daily: Created by Buffer, this app curates some of the best content ‘daily’ and you can choose to send the content to Buffer right from the app.  Genius!

There you have it, now go out and read, tweet and save great content!

Friday Fab Four

image001Happy Friday! Here are four really great articles for your reading pleasure.

1. 8 Game-Changing Marketing Lessons from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge–David A. Frankel (such a successful campaign)

2. Honest Slogans–Joanna Goddard (these are really funny!)

3. Why Saying ‘No’ Gets You Ahead–Camille Preston (Just say NO!)

4. How Do Words Get Added to Oxford Dictionaries?–Clemency Plemming (YOLO!)

The Friday Fab Four


image001Here are four articles I found interesting this week.

1. The Ties That Bind–Dana Hazels Seith (A must read!)

2. How to Start a Conversation You’re Dreading–Peter Bregman (Very good advice)

3. Consistency Pizza: How to Find the Perfect Volume, Quality, Voice and Topics in Your Marketing–Kevan Lee (Love everything Buffer writes!)

4. Is Work-Life Balance Even Possible?–Jacob Shriar (Just wow.  Shame on you Elon Musk)