Friday Favorites Blog graphicWhat a week! We drove to Batesville twice this week to see the boy play basketball…and while I loved every minute of watching him play in his first college basketball games…I am a zombie today.

So here’s the goods…enjoy!

☞ I want to try a meditation studio…luckily there’s one in my city.

☞ 10 foods we should eat more of...and I love them all.

☞ Great tips for when you have to give a presentation.

☞ I found some truth in this…women lie to each other about work.

How to use your calendar to be more effective…I can’t live without my Passion Planner.

☞ Updating your resume? These templates are really cool.

Finally, I’m not a Cubs fan but I think we all needed the reminder that dreams do come true. Congratulations to all the true Cubs deserve to celebrate.

Friday Favorites 6.17.16

AT BLOG GRAPHICFriends…why is it so HOT outside? I’m not ready for this…this is August weather not June weather.  I’m melting over here.

This week was filled with tragedy and I’m so heartbroken by all the news lately.  Hug your family and friends a little tighter today.

Here’s what I found for you this week…I hope it brings a little lift in your day.

☞ I’m terrible at meditating but feel good when I do it regularly…7 signs you need to meditate with me. 

☞ I have serious closet envy…how to get organized.

☞ Sunday is Father’s Day…the worst Dads in Pop Culture.

☞ Productivity is purposefully and consistently moving in a desired direction.

☞ Need Ideas for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day Gift Guide

56 Gift Ideas for Dad

☞ My son introduced me to Bleacher Report…their vids are so funny. 

And one more funny video.


Source: New York Daily News

Finally, Congratulations to the USA Soccer team advancing to the COPA Semi-Finals…I’m especially happy because my son is going to the game on Tuesday. USA! USA!



Friday Favorites 6.3.16

AT BLOG GRAPHICHey friends…I’m back! Did you miss me? With graduation festivities and Memorial Day…I had to let something fall off the plate.

I’m so sick of rain…I know it’s good for our water tables (or something like that) but seriously, the pools are open and there’s not been one day worthy of a pool side visit.  (sigh)

Since it’s been two weeks since my last favorites…get ready for a few more than normal.  Have a great week!

☞ I LOVE a summer book list.

This is your 13 year old on social media…just mind blowing.

How to Get Clients…According to Walt Disney.

Couples who get sick together…stay together?

Spring Clean Your Mind…yes, please.

Meditate While You Wait…I must try this.



Friday Favorites 2.19.16

Do you ever have one of those weeks where Friday just surprises you? I can’t believe today is TTG SMM (1)Friday because the week just flew by me.  For the most part, it was a good week filled with sunshine and good work.

I hope your week was productive as well.  I found a few interesting items for you to take a look at today…hope you enjoy!

I love advice on how to read more books each year

The best book I read last year was Thrive, by Arianna Huffington

Meditation destination? Sign me up!

I’m a sucker for a productivity app and here’s 24 for you

Speaking of productivity apps…here are four that I use daily:

Evernote: I keep my entire life in evernote!

Pocket: This is where I store all my favorite articles.

Feedly: I use this app to read all my favorite bloggers and RSS feeds.

ToDoist: When I use a digital to-d0 list…this is the one I use.

Have a great weekend!


Friday Favorites 2.12.16

Lucky you, it’s time for another installment of ‘Friday Favorites’ ha! I had a great week and I hopeTTG SMM (1) you did as well.  The weather was nice, I felt productive and creative…AND I got my valentines in the mailbox on time…#winning!

This is the beloved Valentine’s Day weekend where I will avoid all restaurants on Saturday and Sunday.  The hubs and I will do something fun but not at a busy restaurant. What are your plans?

Ok, so here’s what caught my attention this week.

Last minute gift ideas for your nerdy sweetie

Never thought about how wasteful a straw can be!

Is Technology Ruining Our Lives…maybe?

I’m making a serious effort to practice daily meditation and I love Headspace for meditation. Their interface is clean and inviting and Andy’s voice is honey in my ears.

Also, I’ve been obsessed with this Instagram account, Frank Body, so I broke down and ordered product this week! Who says social media doesn’t move product?

This was my favorite Super Bowl commercial…

Hope you find something here that makes you smile..have a great weekend sweethearts!

Re-Charge Your Battery

Work is stressful. Sitting all day at a desk is slowly killing us. Work-Life balance appears to be a cruel joke. Traffic is terrible. All the food we love is bad for us. There’s just not enough hours in the day to get our to-do lists completed. We do not take all of our vacation days. Not to mention, we are in the midst of a very grueling election cycle.

With ideas like these surrounding us daily, we might need a break!  Find a day during the week and take off…not a weekend but a Monday-Thursday day.  It’s a delicious feeling to take off during the week.

I took off on Monday…it was a beautiful Fall day and I needed to get outside. Mondays are so much nicer when you plan ahead to protect your day.  I purposely don’t schedule meetings on Mondays because it’s my day to organize the week, schedule social media and set meetings for the week. It’s made a huge difference in how I view Mondays in general and it makes my week more productive to know that I’ve saved the first day of the week to plan.  I realize not everyone has this luxury but if you can…give it a try and make Monday your organization and planning day.

Regardless of whether you take a day off or protect your Monday…you periodically need to re-charge your battery.  It’s good for you, your co-workers and your family.  Much like anything that runs on batteries…if it’s running down it’s not much good to anyone.

Maybe you can’t take a whole day…then find an hour each week to do something just for you. Walk through a museum, meditate, walk outside during your lunch hour, read a mystery novel…any of these ideas will give your battery a jumpstart and make the week that much better.

I hiked to Whitaker Point on Monday and not only was it a breathtakingly beautiful view but I got in a lot of exercise too.  I felt completely re-charged and ready to tackle the week once I got home. (I even found time to write a blog post!) 

I hope that you will take time this week or next to re-charge your battery…flu season is upon us and you don’t want a weak battery heading into that crud.

Clear Your Head

clearyourheadEver have one of those moments hours where there are so many thoughts running through your head? Yea, me too. This can be a debilitating experience…not sure what thought to tackle next…when is the project due…need to answer emails…return phone calls…finish to-do list. If I’m not careful…this process can quickly turn to stress and then a headache…not fun!

Last year I read Arianna Huffington’s book, Thrive, and it was eye opening.  The book is full of great information about work/life balance, getting enough sleep and why there is more to life than work.  In the book she also talks a lot about meditation.  The idea of meditation wasn’t new to me but I’d never really tried meditating.

I had plenty of excuses when I thought about meditating…I can’t sit still, I can’t quiet my mind, I can’t sit comfortably…I don’t know how to start.  So, I just didn’t do it.

Determined to try, earlier this year, I tried the app, Insight Timer, to help me meditate.  It’s a good app and has a lot of different meditators to practice with and learn from.  I would put in my earbuds and do my best to listen to the instructor and meditate. There’s one I particularly love which is called “Meditation on Gratitude” by Adam Dacey.  Adam does a great job leading this meditation and I really liked that I could focus on gratitude while meditating.

A month ago, I got a free trial of Headspace in my FabFitFun Box.  I LOVE this site so much and the meditations are amazing.  Plus, there’s a schedule to follow which really keeps me on track with meditating.  The schedule starts with 10 days of 10 minutes of mediating (we all have 10 minutes, right?).  Plus there are really fun short videos to help you learn how to meditate, including ways to clear your head and not feel guilty about thoughts entering your mind during mediation.  Andy leads the meditations every day and he’s so good…you need a great voice if you are going to lead meditations and his voice is amazing! I feel like Andy and I are friends and he really wants me to get really good at meditating…so I’m trying.

I’m on my 10th session and I feel like I am starting to really understand and get better at meditating…which is helping me clear my head daily.  Most importantly, it’s 10 minutes a day where I take time for myself to breathe deeply and take a digital break.  I read this article today about what technology is doing to our bodies…what are we doing people??

I hope if you have thought about meditating you will give Insight Timer or Headspace a try…guided meditations are really helpful.  Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t still your mind on the first few tries…it takes practice…but don’t give up.  Some days I knock it out of the park and really meditate and some days I can’t stop thinking about work or random ideas.  It’s ok…Andy says it’s ok to let the mind wander…just gently bring it back to the breath.

Have you tried meditation? Would love to hear about your experiences!

Friday Fab Four

IMG_6128It is good to be home on this Friday! I’ve been in Miami all week with the Hubs and while Miami is beautiful…I always look forward to returning home.  Here are four articles that I read this week and thought you might want to read them as well.  Have a great day!

1. The Long Marriage of Mindfulness and Money–Michelle Goldberg {I try to meditate weekly…there is something to quieting the mind on a daily basis}

2. Why Email Will be Obsolete by 2020–John Brandon {I can hardly wait}

3. Anchorman: The Legend of Don Lemon–Taffy Brodesser-Akner {Really loved this article on Lemon}

4. Nine Psychological Reasons We Love Lists–Claudia Hammond {Now I know why lists make me giddy}

Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432Happy Friday! The sun is shining and hopefully winter is gone for good.  We spring forward this weekend so I feel like that’s a good sign that Spring is on its way.  Here’s your fab four!

1. 10 Things You Can do to Improve Your Personal Brand Online–Lauren Ridgway {Or you can hire me to do it for you!}

2. What Meditation Isn’t–Louise Jensen {I’m trying to meditate more in 2015 and I liked the truth in this article}

3. Your Emails are Silently Enraging your Co-Workers–Travis Bradberry {yep!}

4. When Your Punctuation Says it All (!)–Jessica Bennett {I’ve been known to ‘affectively lengthen’ a word or twoooooooo}

Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432Happy Friday! It’s cold here in Arkansas and I am definitely ready for Fridays on a warm, sunny patio, drinking beer! Until then, here are the four best articles I’ve read this week.

1. Who Really Had the Best Movie Career after ‘SNL’–Walt Hickey {did you see the 40th special? so good}

2. Meditation Booms as People Seek a Way to Slow Down–Mary Macvean {I downloaded this to help me meditate}

3. How Medium is Building a New Kind of Company with No Managers–The Review {this is exactly how my company will be when it grows…holacratic}

4. 7 Millennial Traits that Baby Boomers Need to Learn–Evan Burns {thought this was good but I wouldn’t just say it’s millennial traits…GenX has traits that BBs could learn too}