What Would You Say in Your Oscar Speech?

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.I love an awards show and tomorrow night is the king of awards shows, the Oscars! I love the red carpet pre-show and I love the entire show from start to finish.  Each year, I print out a ballot and my boys and I fill it out and see who gets the most picks correct.  Some years, I am really good and some years I totally miss the boat…like the year with The Artist, totally didn’t watch that movie or think it would win anything and it did.

I love a good Oscar acceptance speech too.  Who could ever forget Cuba Gooding, Jr’s speech, so emotional, or Sally Field’s, “You like me, you really like me.” I love when the actor is surprised and filled with emotion. I always have anxiety for the actor if they have a famous mate and they forget to mention them…i.e. Hillary Swank! I don’t like when the person seems unaffected by the win or makes the speech really short and or fills the speech with politics.  I just want to see the real person in the biggest moment of their life tell us how they really feel.

So every year, I wonder what I would say in my Oscar acceptance speech.  I know that I would definitely thank all the wonderful people in my life and hopefully not forget anyone.  I would thank my ‘team’ because you know, if I’ve won an Oscar, there’s a huge team that helped me get there.  I would hope to tie something personal to the win.  If you know me, you know I would have to make sure not to drop an f-bomb! (I love when people accidentally cuss on live tv, it cracks me up.)   What would it be like to be there in front of millions of people, not to mention the biggest movie stars in the world, and have the composure to deliver a great speech? I’m certain I will never know but I always wonder this during the show.

So, you’ve just won the Oscar for best actor…what would you say in your acceptance speech?