Friday Fab Four

Friday Fab FourHappy Friday from sunny Northwest Arkansas! The rain is gone for now and it’s going to be a beautiful weekend.  I had a productive and busy week but still managed to scour the world wide web to find you the four best articles of the week! Enjoy!

1- The Moral Bucket List~David Brooks <If you read only one article…make it this one>

2-Paper Notebooks are as Relevant as Ever~Eric Weiner <the paper nerd in me loves this one>

3-How to Improve Your Business Writing~Carolyn O’Hara <I needed this reminder>

4-Amy Schumer’s “I’m Sorry” Skewers a Culture That Makes Women Apologize Constantly~Emma Gray <Can’t tell you how much I adore Schumer..I wrote about this as well.>

My Obsession with Paper Planners

The Passion Planner

The Passion Planner

I love technology.  I’m an Apple disciple…pretty sure I have owned every iPhone, the first one is still my favorite.  Technology makes my life easier, helps me run a business and for the most part, it helps me stay sane.  However…I am a self professed paper nerd.

Can I tell you how happy paper makes me…stationery, note cards, business cards, journals…and planners.  You may recall that I love a handwritten note and feel that it is definitely a lost art…one that I know is making a comeback!

I use Sunrise and fantastical for my digital calendars but I still love writing down appointments in a paper planner.  I take the planner with me and I use a planner for…wait for it…planning!

In the past, I’ve used boring planners from an office store, because I thought those were the best planners for my job.  Last year, I discovered the Day Designer planner.  I really like this planner and used it for a year.  There were many details about this planner that I enjoyed using, like an area for daily gratitude, a to-do list next to my day and in the front of the planner is an area to write down dreams and plans for the year.  This is a great planner and it’s stylish.  However…for me, it is very bulky.

Last month I went on the ‘find a new planner’ quest.  I know…it’s May, not January but the Day Designer has different times of the year that they start and I got the Aug-Jul planner…so I had to decide to get another one or try something new.


The Passion Planner

Enter the Passion Planner! This planner had everything I liked about my previous planner but it comes in two sizes and it’s more sophisticated looking…black leather vs gold polka dots. It also has a section in the front for detailing your passions and making plans to achieve your goals.  It has a week view instead of a day view, which was important to me, and it has a great space for doodling or making notes.  I LOVE this planner.  Plus…I could buy an undated planner which helped me in my mid-year need for a new planner.  There’s still a space for daily gratitude and a great to-do list. I can’t believe that after all these years, I have finally found the perfect planner for me.  {I even bought one for the Hubs}

If you are unhappy with your current planner or want to upgrade…I highly recommend checking out the Passion Planner.  They ship quickly too.

Do you have a favorite planner? Let me know in the comments!


My Life Runs on Evernote

evernoteAre you ever boggled by the amount of paper humans can produce? I am boggled every. single. day. I get paper from work, paper from my son’s school, paper from my 401k plan, paper from utility companies and bank statements.  Paper is out of control.  Since I have all this paper in my life, I need some way to manage it and store it.  While I am old enough to remember filing cabinets (just barely), I do not use them.  That’s when Evernote rushes in to save the day! I simply give it all to Evernote and it graciously keeps it all for me nice and neat.  Then, I recycle the paper and feel a whole lot better about the world…until the mail runs again.

I get many important papers from my son’s school and I want to have them close at hand when I need them.  Unfortunately, having them in the basket above my refrigerator doesn’t make sense when I’m not at home.  So, I scan them into my Evernote account and they are with me at all times.  His shot record, test scores, teacher syllabi…everything.  I have a notebook in Evernote called ‘Spencer’ and all that stuff goes in there.  Then…when I need to look up a teacher’s information, I just use the handy dandy search tool.  It’s pretty amazing.

It’s also a great web clipper tool.  I’ve mentioned before that I read many articles a day and when I find one that I want to hold on to for the long term, I just clip it into my Evernote account and it’s there for me whenever I need it.

I also use Evernote for work…when I am working on a document and need input or help from my team, I can share the document with those team members and we can work on the document together.  I keep my to-do lists in Evernote, my gratitude journal and even my Christmas card address list.  When I tell you my life runs on Evernote, I absolutely mean it.

To recap, here’s what Evernote can do for you:
  • Scan in any document, receipt, business card or slip of paper that you want to save.
  • Search tools to help you find any of the above that you scanned in to Evernote.
  • Web clipping tools to save articles or photos that you find on the internet. 
  • Ability to share documents with one person or a team of people.
  • Great for to-do lists, journaling, book or blog writing…so many things. 

Don’t use Evernote now but would like to? My friend Beth Stephens is the guru of Evernote and she recently wrote these great blog posts about becoming an Evernote Ninja.

Becoming an Evernote Ninja Part 1: An Evernote Primer

Becoming an Evernote Ninja Part 2: Adopting the Ways of the Cult

Becoming an Evernote Ninja Part 3: Enabling Super Ninja Powers

The Handwritten Note

paperI am a stationery nerd.  I love paper. It’s an addiction and I can’t stop.  Not only do I buy note cards or thank you cards at least once a month, I also buy them as gifts for friends so I can keep spreading the handwritten love.   I try to write someone every week…either a congrats on a new job, a thank you for something they did for me or just a hello.  I do this because I truly believe in the power of a handwritten message and also to use all the stationery I buy!

There’s a thrill to receiving a beautiful card in the mail.  Don’t you think so?  I also have my favorite pens to write my notes with and an embosser that embosses my address on the envelope.  It’s an affliction, I know.  I don’t care…it’s a beautiful art lost on many people.

When I am involved in a hiring process, I’m always amazed at the folks who do not take the time to write a handwritten note after the interview.  Today, it is mostly emailed thank yous.  While I admit this still gets the message across…I would never leave an interview without sending a handwritten note.  I believe it still makes an impact.  It takes a little more effort to write the card, address it and find a stamp.  Maybe I am just old fashioned.

I am always on the lookout for good stationery.  Crane is probably one of the finest stationery companies on the market and a favorite of mine but I can always find something great at Target as well.  My favorite local store is Shindig Paperie. I could spend hours (and dollars) in there most days.  If you are ever on the Fayetteville square, be sure and stop in.  Anywhere I travel, I always have my eyes peeled for a great paper store.

Since I love paper, it doesn’t stop with note cards, I love to-do lists, calendars, notepads and even business cards.  The Container Store is a great place to find funky to-do lists or mouse pads and I could spend hours designing business cards for friends at!

If loving paper is wrong, I don’t want to be write! (see what I did there?)

Do you share my affliction with paper? Do share.