Friday Favorites 3.11.16

While I am certainly grateful for all the rain, (spring showers bring spring flowers) I am really TTG SMM (1)missing the sun.  There’s something about getting a little warm sun on your face to make your day that much better.

In honor of International Women’s Day…you might see a theme running through my favorite picks. Here’s to a few interesting items for you to enjoy and to a weekend that will hopefully bring us a little sunshine.

PS: We get to spring forward this weekend! Hooray!

I always ask my son’s permission before posting a pic of him on social media…do you?

You might want to hire former female athletes.

Ceilings were meant to be shattered!

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

I think Under Armour might be finding their groove.



Friday Fab Four

image001The days are getting shorter…I love fall.  Here are four articles I chose just for you this week so find your favorite sweater and take a look.

1. The Bacon Boom was not an Accident–David Sax (this was so interesting and made me hungry for bacon. Shocker!)

2.24 Surprising Things about Parenting in the United States-Joanna Goddard (some of these cracked me up)

3. 10 Reasons Why Superstar Employees Make Lousy Managers–Dan McCarthy (I’ve witnessed this a few times)

4. 3 Time-Wasting Social Media Habits You Need to Stop Immediately–Laura Roeder (Guilty!)