Twitter Tip

This past weekend at my son’s basketball tournament, a sports writer (with a large twitter following) was tweeting about the tournament. I noticed he was beginning his tweets with “@soandsoteam plays next” instead of beginning the tweet with a period (.) or a word.  I would assume this writer wanted all of his 30,000 followers to see his tweets but because he started the tweet this way, only a small amount of his followers see the tweets.

Tip——>When you begin a tweet with @ and the person’s handle, only the folks who follow you both will see the tweets.  Many times this type of tweeting is reserved for a conversation between two people that doesn’t need to be blasted to all followers.  Instead, the sports writer should have used a period, .@soandsoteam or a word “The @soandsoteam played well today” so that his tweets were seen by a larger amount of followers.

This tweet will only be seen by those who follow The Twiggs Group and Angie Albrighttwitterexample

This tweet can be seen by all of my followers twitterexample2