Friday Favorites Blog graphicIf only every weekend could be parents weekend…but alas, I am told that it cannot. So this weekend…back to my empty nest.  I do plan to fire up the fire pit and watch college football. What are your plans for this fall weekend?

Let’s get right to the good stuff…shall we?

☞ I only double dip with my husband.

Career advice from Buffett and Jobs…I’ll take it!

☞ Finally, someone gets to the point in how to email.

☞ I love this advice…“Starting the day with passion creates momentum”

☞ This is a music festival I could get excited about.

☞ It should be obvious…but just in case, Just Say No.

Finally, if you know me, you know how much I LOVE my Passion Planner…and they made a pink one for 2017 which I’m certain was just for me.  Check it out if you are looking for a great paper planner for the new year.



Friday Fab Four

Friday Fab FourOnce again, Friday is here and we’ve had so much rain! Trying not to complain too much since we will beg for rain in August! Hope you had a fun and productive week.  I was crazy busy but still had time to comb the interwebs for these four articles…just for you!

1. If You Want to be more Productive…Get More Sleep~Michael Hyatt {yes…love a good nap}

2. What Steve Jobs Stole from Ritz-Carlton~Micah Solomon {I do love a genius bar}

3. When to Quit a Project (or Career)~Tanner Christensen {never be afraid to walk away}

4. 5 Hilarious Father’s on Twitter who tell more than Dad Jokes~Eli Epstein {Happy Father’s Day dad!}