Friday Favorites

AT BLOG GRAPHICFri-Yay! Who’s ready for the weekend? This girl! I hope you had a week filled with joy and laughter. I had a really great week…lunch with cool people, fun client work and I’m getting my hair done today….A+ week.

The Emmy nominations came out yesterday and they confirmed for me that I watch really great tv…Game of Thrones, Unbreakable Kimmy, Bloodline, Blackish…so proud of all my shows.

Without further ado…here’s what made the list this week.

☞ Puzzling that we need a way to get women in the boardroom but there is this database.

☞ Stress costs a lot of money…we gotta take better care of ourselves, stat!

☞ I am obsessed with anything quinoa…and these look amazing.

☞ My very first job was at an IGA…Twiggs IGA in my hometown of Gentry.

☞ Rejection sucks but sometimes it leads to something better. 

☞ I do love to de-clutter my home and life…here’s 2o things to throw out today. 

I’m not participating in Pokemon Go (see my tv obsession above) but I’m glad my son and his friends are because they are having the best time walking around our city, having fun.

I know the game is not perfect and there are disruptions to business or shady people taking advantage…but in this time of such global sadness…I’m grateful for something silly to bring people together.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!

Friday Fab Four 12.18.15

Can you believe that next Friday is Christmas? I can hardly wait…I love the holidays.  Until TTG Fab 4 Decthen…here are the four articles this week that I thought you needed to read as well.  Happy Weekend!

  1. Being President Really Can Age You More Quickly~Julie Belluz {stress is a bad thing}
  2. The One Quality You Must Develop to Reach Your Goals~Michael Hyatt
  3. Tips for Getting Clients? Sell Cake.~Nathan Kontny {really like this advice}
  4. Which Creative Genius Are You?~Tom Slack {I love a quiz…I got Jane Austen}

Friday Fab Four 11.6.15

The month of November is off to a good start and I’m looking forward to the holiday season.  Not FallFridayFabFourready for Christmas music just yet…but soon.  I hope you have a great week and have fun plans for the weekend.  In the meantime, here are the four best articles I read this week.

  1. 7 Things I Did to Reboot My Life~Wil Wheaton
  2. How Stress Makes You Sick~Olga Khazan
  3. Must Have Tools for Freelancers~Product Hunt
  4. The Inescapable, Immortal Ugg~Chavie Leiber

Re-Charge Your Battery

Work is stressful. Sitting all day at a desk is slowly killing us. Work-Life balance appears to be a cruel joke. Traffic is terrible. All the food we love is bad for us. There’s just not enough hours in the day to get our to-do lists completed. We do not take all of our vacation days. Not to mention, we are in the midst of a very grueling election cycle.

With ideas like these surrounding us daily, we might need a break!  Find a day during the week and take off…not a weekend but a Monday-Thursday day.  It’s a delicious feeling to take off during the week.

I took off on Monday…it was a beautiful Fall day and I needed to get outside. Mondays are so much nicer when you plan ahead to protect your day.  I purposely don’t schedule meetings on Mondays because it’s my day to organize the week, schedule social media and set meetings for the week. It’s made a huge difference in how I view Mondays in general and it makes my week more productive to know that I’ve saved the first day of the week to plan.  I realize not everyone has this luxury but if you can…give it a try and make Monday your organization and planning day.

Regardless of whether you take a day off or protect your Monday…you periodically need to re-charge your battery.  It’s good for you, your co-workers and your family.  Much like anything that runs on batteries…if it’s running down it’s not much good to anyone.

Maybe you can’t take a whole day…then find an hour each week to do something just for you. Walk through a museum, meditate, walk outside during your lunch hour, read a mystery novel…any of these ideas will give your battery a jumpstart and make the week that much better.

I hiked to Whitaker Point on Monday and not only was it a breathtakingly beautiful view but I got in a lot of exercise too.  I felt completely re-charged and ready to tackle the week once I got home. (I even found time to write a blog post!) 

I hope that you will take time this week or next to re-charge your battery…flu season is upon us and you don’t want a weak battery heading into that crud.

What to Give Employees for Christmas

clarkIt’s the most wonderful time of the year…or so they say.  Not everyone thinks so and you may have employees who really struggle this time of year.  It’s a good time to show your employees how much you appreciate them and remember that just because it’s Christmas, not everyone is feeling jolly.  There are many reasons your people might be stressing this holiday season; end of year projects and deadlines, 4th quarter projections, budget crunches at home, family visits, finding enough time to holiday shop and guilt for taking vacation time.  Yep, it can be a really stressful time.  Here are few ways to help your employees enjoy the holiday season:

1. Give Cash: If you plan to give anything at all, yes a nice pen set is practical but people want cash…every.single.year.

2. Plan the holiday party during work hours: Your folks are busy, they don’t have time to attend a holiday party after hours at your house…be respectful of their time and plan a lunch during the week.

3. Be flexible with time off: Some people have to travel near and far and others just need extra time to cook the Christmas dinner, reward your employees with surprise afternoons off to help with the stress.

4. Keep it simple: Don’t make your employees decorate the office to the nth degree and your employees are busy checking their lists twice, don’t add more gift giving around the office.

5. Be sensitive: Not everyone on your staff may celebrate Christmas. Also for many, Christmas can be a sad time for those who have lost loved ones.  Don’t expect everyone in the office to sing Christmas carols with you.

I hope these tips will help make this year a low-key and stress-free holiday season in the work place.






Friday Fab Four

image001Happy Friday, friends.  I hope each of you had a wonderful and productive week.  I certainly did! Here are four really good articles for you to read this weekend.

1. Six Stretches for People Who Sit at Desks–Joanna Goddard (which is pretty much everyone!)

2. How to Handle Stress in the Moment–Rebecca Knight (Good tips here for stress monkeys)

3. 9 Core Behaviors of People who Positively Impact the World–Kathy Caprino (Really liked this one)

4. Why You Need a To-Do List for Others–Rebecca Greenfield (interesting way to give back)

What I am Reading-October

BuPuJF0CUAAaqdaThis book really caught my attention from the subtitle: “The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.” That’s what I aim to do everyday…pursue less.  Less stress, less worry, less anger and less negativity.  This book is just what I needed.  It talks a lot about being stretched too thin, not being productive because of burnout and why it’s important to focus on the essentials.   As a wife, mom, daughter, friend, co-worker and manager, I feel stretched too thin on most days.  This book is about defining what is absolutely essential and what is not.  When you decide what is not…you eliminate it from your life.  Easy right?

Here’s what Amazon says about Essentialism:

The Way of the Essentialist isn’t about getting more done in less time. It’s about getting only the right things done.  It is not  a time management strategy, or a productivity technique. It is a systematic discipline for discerning what is absolutely essential, then eliminating everything that is not, so we can make the highest possible contribution towards the things that really matter. 

By forcing us to apply a more selective criteria for what is Essential, the disciplined pursuit of less empowers us to reclaim control of our own choices about where to spend our precious time and energy – instead of giving others the implicit permission to choose for us.

Essentialism is not one more thing – it’s a whole new way of doing everything. A must-read for any leader, manager, or individual who wants to learn who to do less, but better, in every area of their lives, Essentialism  is a movement whose time has come.


I am about halfway through the book and it’s a good read.  Short chapters, interesting use of graphics and fonts that keep the text moving along.  I would definitely recommend it if you are thinking about achieving more by doing less.

Friday Fab Four

image001Happy first Friday of October…one of my favorite months. Here are four pretty cool articles for you to read.

1. You Deserve a Pre-Cation–Will Oremus (Wow, this is an amazing perk)

2. The 10 Tech Terms You’re Mixing Up–Adda Birnir (This was great and I learned a thing or two)

3. 10 Words You Must Never use to Describe Yourself–Greg Savage (I’m off to erase ‘rock star’ from all my bios. lol)

4. 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Reduce Stress and Restore Your Sanity–Michael Hyatt (gratitude!)