Friday Favorites 4.8.16 Blog graphicSpring has sprung, friends! Isn’t it a (achoo) beautiful time of year? I don’t mind the allergies because the tulips are just so pretty.

It’s been a great week…busy and productive AND I launched a website refresh for my business, The Twiggs Group.  I’m so happy to have it launched and finishe….who am I kidding, a website is never finished.

Here are the good things I found this week:

Great list of free stock photography sites.

Practice Being Your Future Self.

12 Powerful Habits from Ultra-Successful Peeps

Friends Forever Takes Work

I enjoyed watching the Connecticut Women’s Basketball team win their 4th consecutive National Championship…best program in the history of women’s basketball and Breanna Stewart is the best of all time.


Photo Credit: The Oregonian

Friday Fab Four

image001This time next week, Christmas will be over.  I love this time of year but the let down when it’s all over is immense sometimes! Luckily, I have great articles to read, like these four, to keep me occupied! Have a great day.

1. 6 Things the Most Productive People Do Every Day— {Email…is the problem!}

2. The Unexpected Consequences of Success–Srini Pillay {May we all need this advice in 2015}

3. The 5 Whys: A Simple Process to Understand any Problem–Courtney Seiter {Really like this process…coincidentally I used this to start my own business}

4. Which Airplane Seat You Choose Says a lot About You–Leah Ginsberg {I’m mostly aisle but a little bit window}

Friday Fab Four

image001Happy (black) Friday! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Here are the best four articles I read this week.

1. Why Giving is the Best Metric for Success–Shane Snow {absolutely agree}

2. The Secret Life of Passwords–Ian Urbina {fascinating}

3. Four Ways Giving Thanks Improves Your Life–Michael Hyatt {I experience this everyday!}

4. Thanksgiving and the Power of Gratitude–Jacob Shriar {be grateful everyday}