Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432This is the last Friday in January…a whole month is in the books for 2015! Here are the four best articles I read this week and thought you might want to read as well. ¬†Enjoy!

1. 15 Best Workplaces of 2015–Jeff Fermin {a great list of companies that are winning the culture game!}

2. The Power of Ignoring Mainstream News–Joel Gascoigne {this really hit home with me bc I don’t watch the news either}

3. Newcastle’s Band of Brands Super Bowl Ad is a Logotastic Adstravaganza–Jeff Beer {Love Newcastle’s disruption!}

4. The Secrets of Highly Efficient Napping–Robbie Gonzalez {There’s nothing better than a good nap!}


Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432I hope everyone had a great week. ¬†There were so many great articles, it was tough to pick just four but that’s what the headline says! Enjoy.

1. Why More Women Run Companies in New York than in Silicon Valley–Steve Blank {Bravo NY! #girlpower}

2. Stacking Habits: How to Finally Stick to your Morning Routine–Benjamin Spall {fascinating! I’m going to try this}

3. The Mistake Smart People Make: Being in Motion v. Taking Action–James Clear {I def need to take more action!}

4. Newcastle is Crowdfunding Their Super Bowl Commercial–Jessica Gioglio {What a great idea! Wish TTG could afford to jump in! }