Friday Favorites

Happy last Friday of September…where did this month go? Christmas will be here before we know it…I can’t even believe it. Blog graphicI’m off to Parents Weekend at Lyon College to see the boy…I am so excited to see him. Basketball season starts November 1st and while I’m the last person who likes to rush time…I’m patiently waiting for that first game.

This was a great week…good meetings, fun client work and the class I’m teaching at the University of Arkansas…truly brings me joy.  Who knew I would like teaching so much?

However…I wasn’t too busy to find a few favorites to share with you this week.

☞ I do love a creative Instagram account…these are really creative. 

☞ If I looked like Gwyneth…I wouldn’t wear makeup either. 

☞ If Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect…then what have we been doing all this time?

☞ A million dollars in a year…just for talking. Sign me up!

☞ Sometimes it’s difficult…but learn to say thank you more often.

Friends…have a great weekend!

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

thank youThank you for reading my blog post today, I really appreciate it.

In this crazy, busy society that we are all living in now, I think there are times when we forget to stop and say “thank you.”

Ok, confession time.  I LOVE the book, The Secret.  eek! Did I just admit that publicly? Yes, I did.  That book changed me and changed the way I perceived the world and my future.  I either write down or recite (in the car) what I am grateful for every single day.  It is so important to me.  Plus I have specific instances where this practice of gratitude and intention has brought me an abundance of blessings…in fact, I am married to the man of my dreams all because I set my intentions on meeting him.

I will save that sappy story for another time. Thanking someone for doing a favor for you is showing gratitude to that person and it is a positive action.  I truly believe the more gratitude you show and the more positive action you put out, the more wonderful things come your way.

Lately, I’ve been sort of blown away by the lack of thank yous in my life.  In the last month, I have directly found jobs for two people and neither one thanked me for the favor nor did they tell me they got the job…someone else told me.  I find this so strange…not that I particularly need a thank you, but I’m so surprised they didn’t think it was appropriate to thank me. I would never allow someone to do a favor for me without not only thanking them in person but also sending a handwritten note.

I deal with people every week who don’t say thank you for anything I do for them and then they wonder why I am less eager to help them in the future.  It’s just common decency really…be nice and say thank you.  I find that a simple thank you in the office keeps relationships running smoothly.  The minute you take someone for granted or the job they do for granted, the relationship becomes strained.  This isn’t important only in the office, this can easily happen with those people closest to you.  Spouses, children, parents…we can’t take them for granted either. A thank you goes a long way!


“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” Meister Eckhart


The Friday Fab Four

Here are four articles I found interesting this week.

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1. Scientific Reasons Why You Should Have Walking Meetings–Jacob Shriar (LOVE this idea…I’ve had walking meetings, need to have more!)

2. The Only 7 Things We Truly Can Control in Life–and How to Rock Them All–Catherine Goldberg (#3 is my favorite…gratitude)

3. Why Cyclists Should be Able to Roll Through Stop Signs–Joseph Stromberg (I see this a lot where I live, now I know why!)

4. The Importance of Saying Thank You–Rene Shimada Siegel