Friday Favorites

Fall weather is back thank goodness…it felt like summer showed up to a party it wasn’t Blog graphicinvited to earlier this week.  I do not want to turn on my a/c in October! I also don’t want Fall to quickly slip into winter…we need fall to hang around for awhile.

I hope you had a fun and productive week…I certainly did. Last week was my son’s fall break and I enjoyed every single minute of him being home…including the 9 loads of laundry.  Tonight I will get to see him play basketball in a scrimmage…I’m so excited.

Here’s what I found this week:

9 ways to schedule a meeting…if you must meet.

☞ Need an attitude adjustment…3 daily affirmations to help.

Why you should interview yourself.

Unplugged tourism…I’d love to try this.

Fall television does not dissapoint…here are a few of my favs:

Notorious it’s full of drama and good looking people.

Divorce  While I’ll pretty much watch anything with SJP…so far this is gritty and good.

American Housewife Pretty funny, a little too self-deprecating at times…but love the lead actress.

Insecure Hilarious, real and I love Issa Rae so much.

Atlanta Definitely on my list to binge watch this weekend.

I also watch: Black List, Modern Family, Blackish, Madame Secretary and Big Bang.

What are your new fall tv obsessions?


Friday Favorites

AT BLOG GRAPHICHello, friends! It’s been a whirlwind in my world this about your week? I’m so excited to tell you about Megaphone Summit…an influencer conference I help organize.  If you are a blogger or want to be a blogger, if you work in social media marketing or want to work in social media marketing…this conference is for you! And did I mention…social media expert, Peg Fitzpatrick will be there too? It’s in Fayetteville, AR, Sept 9-11. Would love to hang with you there. Megaphone_Logo_wTag


Now here are my favorites this week.

Hotels to put on your bucket list! 

☞ I desperately need a new headshot…here’s how to take your own. 

☞ I still love Snapchat (? allysontwiggs) but Instagram Stories for business.

☞ I read about two books a week and this book was so good!

☞ I love the Olympics…here’s an awesome google listing of all the events.

Back to the whirlwind…have a great weekend!

PS: No Friday Favorites next week…I’ll be (sadly) moving my son into college.

Friday Fab Four 7.24.15

welcome_to_las_vegas-wide copyHappy Friday from Las Vegas! I’m here for my son’s basketball tournament which is the ONLY reason I would be in Vegas in July. I hope you had a great week and are looking for a few great articles to read because I only give you the best.

1. The Revolt Against Tourism~Elizabeth Becker {after spending 14 years in the tourism industry, this article does not surprise me}

2. The New Plague of Our Culture: I’m So Busy~ Dustin W Stout {quickly becoming one of my biggest pet peeves}

3. After 98 Years, Converse Set to Unveil Chuck Taylor II~Taryn Luna {I might actually buy a pair when they are more comfy}

4. Las Vegas Hopes to Lose its Wedding Bell Blues~John M. Glionna {I got married in NYC’s city hall…so I guess I’m to blame}

The Smell of Branding

Oceanfront-Balcony-King-2000x1000Can you smell branding? The best branding efforts should engage all the senses  in my opinion.  I know exactly what a Coca-Cola smells like and if I were to smell that, I would see in my mind the red can and feel the nose tickling bubbles.

My Kate Spade purses have a distinct smell, most likely from the leather they use.  We all know that smells can evoke childhood memories, for instance, remember the smell of Noxema? Or what about chlorine from a pool…both of these smells make me think of summers at the pool and sunburns!

Last week I traveled with my husband to Miami for his work trip.  We stayed at the Edition Hotel.  I LOVED this hotel…and believe me, I worked in tourism for 14 years and I’ve seen the inside of a lot of hotel rooms…this hotel was fantastic.  All white everything, great bedding, the shower was heaven, food was out of this world.  Many simple amenities in the room like robes, slippers…a mini bar of stuff…like sunglasses, candles, face lotion, underwear and food!  They thought of everything.  The staff was attentive and nice and the spa was top notch.  I’m a self professed spa snob and this spa was one of the best I’ve ever visited.

When you walk in the hotel first thing you notice is the smell.  It’s incredible.  A little bit gardenia maybe or is that tuberose? It’s light, floral and airy and I could not get enough of the smell.  Everywhere you went in the hotel, you could smell this wonderful scent.

We checked in to our room and in the bathroom were the toiletries…all in black packaging, no words except “lotion” “shampoo” “soap” and “conditioner.” Very chic.  The fragrance of the product was the very same I smelled in the hotel lobby.  Very smart indeed.  I could not wait to wash my hair in the shampoo and lather my skin with the lotion all so I could smell like the hotel.  Crazy, I know but it was that good.

What a genius idea.  This hotel took their branding a step further…to your nose.  I seriously want to stay at this hotel again, in one of their other locations, so I could smell the lobby.  Lucky for me they are building one in NYC.

I asked the front desk about the fragrance and it is called Black Tea and it was created exclusively for the Edition Hotels by Le Labo. I’m quite certain I will never forget the smell and I might have taken home quite a few of the toiletries!

What smell reminds you of a brand?

What I’ve Learned in Vegas

photo_3Happy Sunday morning from Las Vegas! I have been here way too long…started Monday attending a work conference, then stayed over for my son’s basketball tournament.  I will fly home tomorrow morning thank goodness…I am so ready.

This is the second year in a row that I am in Las Vegas on my birthday.  You would think being in Vegas on a birthday would be fun and I know lots of people specifically come to Vegas for their birthday…but its not for me.  I don’t like to throw away gamble my money, I don’t drink that much and the crowds are definitely not for me.  I would much rather spend my birthday at home with my family.  Nice and quiet.

I’ve learned a few things while here in Sin City…things I have most likely always known but somehow this crazy town highlights them in technicolor.

1. Cigarette smoke is gross! I stayed at the Aria at the beginning of the week and their ventilation system is amazing! I am now at the Palms and they do not know the meaning of ventilation.  I am pretty certain I could get lung cancer here playing the slots.

2. Las Vegas is Expensive! I’ve always known this but sometimes it just slaps you in the face. $29 spaghetti and meatballs, $14 bottled beer and $5 bottles of water.

3. People are strange. If you want top notch people watching, then look no further than Las Vegas.  I have seen it all…especially on Fremont street.  Plus sized Elvis, an 80 year old Cupid in very small underwear, dancing girls, dancing boys, and all sorts of roman soldiers and mythological creatures.  And that’s just the folks in costume…people out here can be quite entertaining as well.  For some reason, Vegas encourages people to wear the least amount of clothing possible at all times!

4. Reflexology means torture. My mom is here with me and I told her we should get foot massages, so I pulled up to a place that advertised “Reflexology 1 Hour $25.” Sounded great to me.  One hour later, I am pretty certain I had been physically assaulted.  The therapist was so darn strong and while she walked (yes walked) on my back, all I could think was “I want off this ride!” Later that night, my mom and I compared the bruises on our arms and legs.  Holy cow!

5. It’s so loud in Vegas.  Everywhere you go there is music playing.  Everywhere…it is so bizarre.  The pool at the Palms blasts loud music all day and we can hear it very well from our 32nd floor room.  The bathrooms in the casino blast music and even the restaurants have loud music.  What is the deal? I can barely hear myself think in this place.  We went to the Forum Shops yesterday and even there the music was so loud while you shopped.  It’s driving me insane!

6. It is so dang HOT! I am a southern girl and I know summer heat…this is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  It has been 100+ all week.  That will make you certifiably crazy.

I could go on and on but mostly, you can probably tell I am just really homesick.  My quiet, safe, normal home in Northwest Arkansas.  Vegas is great for visiting but I certainly could not live here.  It is a tourism wonder to behold, millions of people visit every year and the hospitality industry is alive and well here.  I will be back next July because we will play basketball again here…I hope I am recovered by then!

Tell me, have you been to Vegas lately?