Friday Favorites 2.12.16

Lucky you, it’s time for another installment of ‘Friday Favorites’ ha! I had a great week and I hopeTTG SMM (1) you did as well.  The weather was nice, I felt productive and creative…AND I got my valentines in the mailbox on time…#winning!

This is the beloved Valentine’s Day weekend where I will avoid all restaurants on Saturday and Sunday.  The hubs and I will do something fun but not at a busy restaurant. What are your plans?

Ok, so here’s what caught my attention this week.

Last minute gift ideas for your nerdy sweetie

Never thought about how wasteful a straw can be!

Is Technology Ruining Our Lives…maybe?

I’m making a serious effort to practice daily meditation and I love Headspace for meditation. Their interface is clean and inviting and Andy’s voice is honey in my ears.

Also, I’ve been obsessed with this Instagram account, Frank Body, so I broke down and ordered product this week! Who says social media doesn’t move product?

This was my favorite Super Bowl commercial…

Hope you find something here that makes you smile..have a great weekend sweethearts!

Friday Fab Four

Friday FabHappy Valentine’s Day Eve! I read this week that Americans will spend $18.9 billion on this holiday…WTH people?  What are we buying?? That is just crazy to me.

Here are four articles I read this week that got my attention, hope you enjoy!

1. How ‘X’ became the Universal Symbol for a Kiss–Amy-Mae Elliot {very cute, xoxo}

2. How One Stupid Tweet Blew up Justine Sacco’s Life–Jon Ronson {great article on social shaming and what not to do on social media}

3. Taking Up (the Right Amount of) Space–Jodi Beznoska {Jodi is a friend…her blog post touched me}

4. The Unofficial Goldman Sachs Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day–GSE Elevator {pretty funny}