Friday Favorites 8.19.16

AT BLOG GRAPHICHello, Friday Friends! I hope you had a good week.  This was my first empty nest week and well…I’m not ready to talk about that yet. ?

I am very excited to start teaching Destination Marketing next week at the University of Arkansas on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Being on campus in the Fall….that is definitely one of my favorite things!

Now, on to the good stuff:

Ways to optimize your computer for productivity…I really need some of these tools!

☞ Need to boost your creativity outside the office? Work from a coffee shop. 

☞ Have you ever thought about utilizing a co-working space?

Marketing Pros share their best advice for entrepreneurs. 

☞ They had me at Ikea!

And…I’m still not ready to talk about it…but here’s a picture right before we left Spencer at Lyon College.  (sigh)




Friday Fab Four

IMG_5432I hope everyone had a great week.  There were so many great articles, it was tough to pick just four but that’s what the headline says! Enjoy.

1. Why More Women Run Companies in New York than in Silicon Valley–Steve Blank {Bravo NY! #girlpower}

2. Stacking Habits: How to Finally Stick to your Morning Routine–Benjamin Spall {fascinating! I’m going to try this}

3. The Mistake Smart People Make: Being in Motion v. Taking Action–James Clear {I def need to take more action!}

4. Newcastle is Crowdfunding Their Super Bowl Commercial–Jessica Gioglio {What a great idea! Wish TTG could afford to jump in! }

Friday Fab Four

image001Hello Friday, you are indeed my favorite day of the work week.  Enjoy these four great articles.

1. ‘Lean In’ Isn’t Enough: Women’s Progress in Leadership has Stalled–Aaron Taube (It’s not about fixing women…it’s about fixing the workplace. amen.)

2. Four Day Workweeks, the Trend that will Save Us All–Jacob Shriar (I would love to see this get momentum)

3. 20 Quotes from the Greatest Love Letters of the 20th Century–Brianna Wiest (#15 is my favorite)

4. 16 Things Yankees Fans are Going to Miss About Derek Jeter–Krystie Lee Yandoli (Goodbye Captain)