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Valentine’s Day, the holiday of love and romance…but what about your girlfriends? Let’s be honest. Our girls help us survive and build us up in times of need. So, it only seems natural that we should show some love to our gals on Valentine’s Day, right? If you are like me and are truly blessed to have some amazing gals in your life, here are 3 ways to show them some love this V-Day.


1. Send a valentine…the old-fashioned way!

Good ole valentines have been around since the 17th and 18th century. How has the trend kept up for several centuries you may ask? Because receiving a valentine makes you feel valued. So, send your gals a valentine the old-fashioned way! Not on Facebook or via email, but handing them (or mailing them) a physical card or gift. Every year, I send my gals a snail mail valentine to remind them that I love them.

Maybe you’re a creative genius and can make your own cards, but if you’re artistically-challenged like me, Etsy has some cute (and cheeky) cards for your girls. Just remember to add your personal touch and write a loving note! 



2. Spend quality time together: movie date, spa date, coffee date, etc.

Think GNO, but less intense. What are some things you and your girlfriends love to do together? You may love going to see a good comedy movie together and pigging out on popcorn, or sit in a coffee shop and simply catch up on life, or maybe you love to treat yourselves to a spa day. The possibilities are endless, and it really depends on what you love to do. Just spending quality time with your bestie will make her feel loved and appreciated.


3. Listen and be present!

This is so important. Whether on the phone or in person, be present and listen to your friend. By listening and being fully present, you are letting your gal know you are there for her, and in this day and age of constant distractions, that is hard to come by. This requires no money or preparation, but trust me when I say, this will go a long way and make your friends feel loved this Valentine’s Day!


I hope you will join me this year in making your girlfriends feel loved and appreciated! I planned a Galentine’s Happy Hour at my favorite bar just so I can see my gals in person and share a cocktail with them. Let me know in the comments what you do in the name of Galentine’s Day. I wish you and your gals a Happy Galentine’s! 

Be the joy,