Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years since I started my business, The Twiggs Group. It was a big ole hairy leap of faith, and I had many sleepless nights once I realized I had to start this business. I wasn’t totally unhappy working in tourism, but I was unfulfilled. I needed more of a challenge, I needed to help more people, and I needed to do it all on my terms.  
I set out to start my business on these 3 terms: 
  1. I would create a business where I would never miss my son’s basketball games (so I can work from anywhere!)
  2. I would create a business where I got to choose who I work with
  3. I would create a business where I was in control of how much money I made
Those 3 values have really kept me focused and centralized on how I grow my business. I have made many mistakes and probably passed up some great opportunities, but when the opportunity didn’t align with my business principles and the reason I went out on my own, I said no. It look me awhile to learn not to take every opportunity thrown my way, but let me tell you…looking back, I am SO glad I said no to some things! I am also SO glad I said yes to some things. I have met some amazing folks who have turned out to be amazing clients, and I’m so proud of the work I’ve been a part of at TTG. 
The best part about my business thus far is what I have learned. In the beginning, I really had this idea that I would grow into a small agency…you know, have an office downtown, hire 3-5 talented folks, and have an office dog (because duh, cute dogs make for a better work environment). Last year, it really hit me that my best work is done as a marketing consultant…a partner for my clients for whatever their needs may be. I also realized I have been blessed to work with some of the most talented freelance designers, photographers, and writers in Northwest Arkansas and that I love assembling a team that is catered specifically to what each client needs. So…I don’t see an ‘agency’ in my future, but that’s ok. And don’t worry, I did get two office dogs for my beautiful home office…and the commute isn’t too bad either. 😉 
So! Here are the 5 things I’ve learned in 5 years of being a Girl Boss:
1. Trust your gut

You have probably heard this and read this in countless Instagram posts, but it’s more than a cliche on a pretty background. They are solid words to live by. Every single time I have trusted my gut and stood firm in my decision, I have prospered in some way. Not every client is for me, not every project is for me and when my gut tells me to pause or just say no…I do, 100%. On the flip side of that, there have been times when I was hesitant and doubtful, but my gut said “just say yes” and figure it out. Those instances have resulted in some of my best work. Remember, trust your gut.

2. Ask for help

You cannot do this alone! And there are countless people out there who may know more than you and are willing to help you…you just need to ask. I am so grateful for all the Girl Boss mentors in my life who have monthly calls with me and who I can email or text questions to at any time. You need a circle of people who are smarter than you and who you trust explicitly. 

3. Hire these two people first

When you are able to, the two most important people you need to “hire” is an accountant and an attorney. I would not be sitting here talking about my 5 year anniversary for TTG if I did not utilize my accountant and attorney. I promise you, this is not something you want to navigate without their help and expertise. My accountant keeps me straight come tax time, and she walked me through all the details when I started my business. My attorney set up my articles of incorporation and always looks at any contracts I need to sign. Trust me, the money spent on these two people far outweighs the money you will spend later down the road if you don’t have them. No one wants to lose money or be sued…I’m just sayin’.

4. Have fun

I cannot stress this point enough. If you are a Girl Boss or want to be a Girl Boss and you are not having fun or the idea of the work does not sound fun…RUN! This should be your passion…you are going to throw your whole self into this and may not make very much money for a long time. So, you better be IN LOVE with your work. I have a saying about client work…if the work doesn’t seem fun, then I need to pass on the work.  I want work that is high on the fun meter because it’s my business and I can! If you can’t have fun running your own business, what’s the point?

5. Own the business

And I don’t mean have your name on the LLC…I mean, it’s your business, your baby, OWN IT. I spent 3 years hiding behind The Twiggs Group, pretending to be a team of people, rather than an individual, thinking this would attract more clients. Year four, I finally got in front of my business and owned it…told the world…Allyson Twiggs IS the Twiggs Group, and you are hiring Allyson Twiggs to help you with marketing, social media, branding, coaching, etc. I needed to put my face on social media and speak from my heart. Once I did that, so much business came my way. (Wait until you see my new website…launching April 19th!)

So, there you have it…I’m not an expert, and I still make mistakes all the time. But I’ve lasted 5 years in business, and I feel like sharing this journey with you. I hope this helps anyone out there who currently runs their own business or anyone who is thinking about taking the leap and starting their own business. I will tell you this, and I believe it with all my heart…there’s enough business out there for everyone. I wish you so much success and hope you keep on being the Girl Boss you are.

Be the joy,